Friday, October 7, 2011 - An affordable place to get wigs & more

I recently have had the opportunity to get a few items from a company called is an online based accessory business that offers affordable jewelry, hair accessories, wigs and party supplies.  They ship worldwide and offer an array of items to fit all fashion styles, needs and tastes.

Shipping to Hawaii was really fast - considering it came from oversees... which is really awesome.  I selected items that I would not normally choose myself but wanted to try and of course - I love wigs... so I couldn't pass that opportunity up.

With Halloween just a few weeks away - offers Halloween costumes and wigs to go with your Halloween look.  What I love about their wigs (or at least the wig I was able to try) is that the hair is very soft - not coarse at all and they are super duper affordable.  I love the side swept bang and how easily the wig fits on my head.  I originally thought I had asked for a short haired wig - because I already have long hair - but regardless, I did enjoy it very much.

The next item I received was a really cool Nautical Anchor necklace.  It is on an antique gold style chain and looks really cool.  Though it is not something I would normally wear outside of the Summer months - I thought this was a really cool piece.  It has a great weight to it and very affordable.

The 3rd item I received were these really cool threaded earrings.  I used to make these in High school and always thought they were cool - so I decided to choose them.  I do like them. They are light weight and actually large in size so they are a perfect statement piece.  The only downfall that I noticed, that I did not mention in the video because it happened afterward is that the threading started to come off after the first use.  But, they are so affordable that replacing them will not put a huge dent in your pocket.

And lastly, I received a crown pendant necklace.  It is on a silver chain and has a huge rhinestone in the middle.  It has a good weight to it and is an awesome statement piece.   Definitely worth the buy.

All in all - I am quite pleased with the company and their products.  As I mentioned earlier - shipping is very fast and I received these in the mail fairly quickly.  The affordability is absolutely awesome.  All of the items I received were under $25.00 so definitely a great buy in my opinion.  My favorite is certainly the wigs.

The ultimate question - "Would I buy from this site again?" My answer - Yes, it is definitely an affordable place to shop - I will be purchasing from them - especially their wigs. ;)  

Please view my video review below to see all the items and my review on each. ;)


FTC Disclaimer:  I received these items for review & consideration.  I am in no way affiliated or was I compensated in any way to do this review.  My opinion is 100% honest, unbiased and my own. 

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