Friday, October 7, 2011 and the KQC X Heat Ceramic Styling Flat Iron

First of all, let me just start off by saying... my crazy hair loves this flat iron.  I was pretty leery about what I would be receiving - the company didn't give me much information about the product, only that they were sending me something that would help to tame my crazy locks.  I was doubtful, because having used many products - though there are many that made my FAV's list - I haven't really been using hot tools on my hair for almost a year and I have consistently bleached & dyed my hair over the last 5 months. sent me the KQC X Heat Ceramic Styling Flat Iron via Fed Ex.  It arrived from Canada in a matter of about 3 days.  Shipping was definitely quick, which is a big deal for me.  When I opened the box the day it arrived, again - still not that excited... in my mind I thought to myself... "How is this supposed to be great for my hair?  It seems like any other flat iron on the market!"  

Well, slap me silly and call me dead wrong. I plugged in my new flat iron and within 2-3 seconds, it was completely warmed up and ready to go.  I was still reading the packaging and the KQC Shine Spray that came with it and before I knew it - I could use this awesome tool.

Before Flat ironing my hair - very curly.

It glided through my hair effortlessly.  Let me just explain - that I did not previously detangle my hair...  my hair was washed the evening before and very very curly... so I should have ran a comb through it.  I was just too excited, that I decided not to.  I parted my hair like I normally do when flat ironing... starting from the bottom portions of my hair and working my way up to the top of my head.  It took me about 26 minutes to get through my entire head and to get it completely straight.  

After flat ironing my hair - very straight.
When ordering from - you will see that their site offers you different types of flat irons and hair styling tools.  They also classify them by their "Top" tools that they sell and refer to.  They also have reviews on their products - which is very helpful when ever you are ordering online.  I especially love that their site is so easy to maneuver.  Customer service is quick, friendly and shipping - as I mentioned before, is very fast. 

The KQC X Heat Tourmaline Ceramic 1" flat iron that I received is retailed for about $250.00 and is on sale on for about $160.00.  Plus - if you order a KQC flat iron - you will get a free KQC shine spray.  

Flat ironing and straightening your hair not for you... you love curls?  Well, I tested this awesome item out on my ends of my hair to see if it would curl and it did awesomely.  The iron gets hot enough to add curls to your hair, but not as hot as many of the other irons get that it will burn your hands.  The tool heats up to 410 Degrees in a very short time so you can get styling quickly and effortlessly.  It comes with a swivel chord - which is perfect for styling your hair in any situation... there's not tangling your body in your chord while you are working with your hair.  The 1" flat iron is the perfect width to get the right amount of hair and work your way through the process without having to take too little amounts at a time. 

My favorite part about this awesome product is that it is not as thick as my other flat irons... and since I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome, this is great for my wrists and forearms.  I can glide it easily through my hair without pain in my wrists and it is just about 1 lb heavy - so your arms will not get easily exhausted while working with your hair.

My hair is so soft so awesome and it lasts without problems till my next wash.  I love it.

My rating on this flat iron - 5 STARS.  My rating on the company - 5 STARS.

Please watch my video review below for more details on what I think about this flat iron and the company.  Thank you so much to for sending me this awesome product.  Go get yours today ;)


FTC Disclaimer:  These products were sent to me for review and consideration by  I am in no way affiliated or paid by this company to provide this review.  My review is 100% honest and my own opinion.  

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