Thursday, October 6, 2011 - your stop for cosplay costumes & awesome contacts. Get your Halloween Fix here.

Today - I am doing a review on a company called  This awesome company that is web based, has an array of different contacts and cosplay costumes for everyone.  

Are you looking for contacts or some really awesome costumes like Sailor Moon?  Then, this is the site for you.  It is a beautiful site - very easy to maneuver and outlined for ease of use. sent me 2 pairs of contact lenses.  Both came just in time for Halloween. lol  One set is the magic lenses and are some really cool Spider Web contacts.  My eyes have been really irritated lately because of my allergies - so I am lucky to have my hubby as my guest to try them on and wear them for me. ;)  Here is a photo of the spider web ones.

These lenses are $39.90 and are really cool.  They look very entrancing and I thought that they were perfect for Halloween.  They are a 14mm diameter and have an 8.6 base curve.  My hubby Kevin says that they went on fairly easy and without much effort and because they are larger than normal colored contacts and actually feel like they sort of mold onto the eye.  Unlike regular prescribed contacts - these seem really comfortable, no hazing or glaze over the lens and vision is clear.  What I really liked about these, is that they were represented well by the photograph on the site and what we received was exactly as what was pictured on their site.  Very cool.

The 2nd pair we received are the Flame Hot Contact Lenses.  The cost point is the same - they are $39.90 a pair.  Though these look really cool - I was a little disappointed that they look much differently in person than they did on the website.  They are really cool - but it did not have the same effect as represented on the site.  Nonetheless, these are really cool looking and definitely a great choice for Halloween as well.  Just like the other - it has a 14mm diameter and an 8.6 base curve.  My hubby mentioned the same similarities in this pair as with the other and although not exactly as pictured on the site - still very cool. ;)

Shipping for dbeautyshop was very quick.  The package was nicely packaged in a bubble mailer and wrapped in bubble wrap.  The shipping took about a week and considering it came from Malaysia - that is totally quick.  Each contact lens ordered will also include a free animal case - which is a great because many companies do not always include lens cases with their contacts - that way - you don't have to go out and buy any, you will have them ready.

What I like about dbeautyshop is that they offer lenses from a variety of companies.  Call me biased - but I am a huge fan of Geo Medical lenses and I'm glad that they give you an option to select lenses from a company/brand you are comfortable with.  Not to mention - they have a variety of contacts, colors and awesome designs.

Thank you for sending me these products for review.  Please go and check them out and tell them that Honey aka Destne146 sent you. ;)


FTC: All products discussed in this post and video were sent to me for review and consideration.  My opinion on this product as well as my husband Kevin's is 100% honest and unbiased.  We were not paid or compensated in any way to provide this review or our honest opinion on the products.

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