Thursday, October 6, 2011

Because a smile is worth a thousand words... ;)

No matter how difficult the day, how trying the moment... a smile goes a long way in making someone happy or forget about all the bad things - even if just for one moment.  My children are always making me smile.  Don't get me wrong - they drive me absolutely insane and sometimes I consider checking myself into the ward... but, just a simple smile and my heart melts again and again. 

Luke is not usually easy to capture on camera without he making goofy faces. lol

Ka'eo loves his little brothers and is such a great big brother. 

The twins love their big brother very very much. ;) Awesome smiles.


Isaiah is our biggest goofball and a complete ham when it comes to the camera... he will stop to smile any day of the week - if a camera is involved. lol

And the goofball making faces. ;)

Brotherly love.

Hopefully their beautiful smiles and happy faces make your day an awesome one. ;)


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