Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun time in the Halloween Aisle... lol

The last few years that we celebrated Halloween - the boys really weren't that interested in any of the costumes, masks, etc... and when I say boys - I mean my twins.  Now, they laugh and get excited at all the really cool things. ;)

Today - while doing some shopping and waiting for my eldest to finish with school - we walked through the Halloween aisle in our local CVS.  The twins were so excited to try on masks and look at all the fun things.  There was nothing but smiles.  Dad and I even got in on the fun. ;) Here are a few pictures from our 5 minutes of exploring the Halloween section. ;)

above - Isaiah, wearing the Jason mask.  You can't see through the mask, but Isaiah kept giggling and laughing... constantly smiling. lol

above - here's Luke - he thought it was so interesting that his nose was no longer soft... but really hard.  He kept pinching it. lol

above - this mask looked so cute on Luke.  His big brown eyes shown through and it really did match him.  His brother Isaiah was laughing the whole time.

above:  lol - Isaiah's chinese kind of pulls strong in this photo. lol


of course,  my hunny and I had to get in on the action too. lol ;) The boys were cracking up.

Such an awesome and fun time and the twins had a blast.  Too bad big brother wasn't with us - he would have loved the fun too. 

Have a great Thursday.


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