Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love/Hate - My need for shoes...

Alright... I know, I seriously have a problem. I love shoes... yes, admit it. Commit me to Shoes Anonymous if you must, but my need, want and addiction to them is not going to change. lol

I think I posted this pair of boots a few months ago... it is still definitely on my HOT list and would love to have them. The problem is... I have huge calves... and getting certain boots that don't have a wide or stretchy diameter is probably my biggest downfall. Ugh... it drives me insane.

Seriously, why don't shoe designers include larger styles for the plus sized diva? Just because we are big doesn't necessarily mean we don't want to rock a pair of thigh highs... hell, I would probably use them all day every day if I could. I am so amazed at the fact that no matter how much progress we make in this world with regards to stereotypes and what is the "ideal woman" we still manage to take several steps back.

So - if there are any designers out there that are looking to expand their horizon and start making some really interesting threads... take my advice and start incorporating some plus sized fashions in your collection. Statistics show that there are more plus sized gals in the world then there are skinny ones. Do you know that if you are over a size 6 you are technically considered plus sized? And, if you are a designer that is looking into designing anything plus sized and you need a model or a tester - whoop whoop... I'm here, hollah at your girl. ;)

So - shoe designers... hows about making these style of boots in a wider diameter so it will fit over my damn calves. lol

What is your shoe complaints?

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Lily Seymour said...

I could see myself in those boot during the winter... cute, cute, cute! BTW, I love makeup... and I think it's fun and girly just like loving shoes.. just can't have enough!

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