Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sandals & Shoes... oh my!

Though I purchased each one of these at different times and from different locations...  I decided that it would be a good idea to put these all in the same post.

I had the opportunity this month to utilize my Shoe Dazzle & Sole Society accounts and purchase some pretty awesome footwear.

This pair of Sandals are called Bridgette and was personally selected for me by Kim Kardashian (so they say) and I have been a member of Shoe Dazzle for quite some time now, but I have been skipping each month and not ordering because the styles have not suited me properly.  This month - after receiving my email from Shoe Dazzle with my monthly selection... I found a sandal that I felt I could not live without.  I blogged about them and displayed a picture from the site a few weeks ago... and am ecstatic that they are finally here.

Then, I had the opportunity to get me the Yvette's from my Sole Society monthly selection.  I was attracted to these wedges because the Fashion Stylist that chose them for me said that she put a lot of mileage on hers... and it was quite comfortable... so naturally - with my bum ankles - I thought this would be the perfect fit for me.  What do you think?

Now - those that have been following me for a while, know that I haven't really bought a pair of sandals or shoes... in quite some time - so I totally splurged.  The booties below was a hot steal because I purchased them at Payless Shoe Store at a BOGO sale.  I was at the store buying flip flops for my eldest son... when I was approached by the sales associate that explained to me that they had a BOGO sale going on.  Goodness gracious... was I in trouble. :)  If I had my way - I would have left the store with 8 pairs of sandals, all for me... hehe!  I was got these cute peep toe, lace up booties for just under $40.00 and got my sons Flip flops for half off... so it worked out pretty nice.  I wore them and they surely are comfortable on the feet... and I actually went grocery shopping with them (after a day out with the girls) and my feet were just a little fatigued... but not enough to notice it. :)

Now - of course... I was totally happy with this months sandal, bootie and wedge purchase... but when I shopped at Costco yesterday... I stumbled upon the end cap that had these Sketcher's Shape Ups.  I have been wanting them for a while now... but they are difficult to come by at a reasonable price.  I have seen them in my favorite shoe stores for over $100.00 - and to me, that just was not doable.  They were under $50.00 at Costco and came with a Healthy Eating Guide and Exercise DVD.  What a deal. :)

Needless to say - I will probably be on a Shoe/Sandal fast for a few months... so my pocket book can replenish itself. :) hehe!  But, I am so happy to be building my shoe and sandal collection again.  I plan to be putting a lot of mileage on these babies. :) hehe!

All the items/products blogged about and shown above were purchased by me with my own money.  I am not being paid or compensated in any way for doing this post. and do award me for anyone that signs up and activates their membership.  These awards are in the form of credits.

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