Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gold, Purple & Sparkles... Playing with my Nail Polishes!

Hi Dolls...

I was really lucky to have a few moments to myself the other evening... thanks to my hubby watching the kiddos.   It has been quite some time since I have painted my finger nails... I have been taking the easy way out and foiling them instead - because the drying time is faster and easier on my schedule.  But, I figure I would take out the polish and play. :)

Here are a few looks that I tried out.  I ended up with the last polish coating (pictured at the bottom) because it just matched my skin tone a little better overall.   Please excuse the glare in the photographs... I was rushing and forgot about the flash... :)

Pictured above is China Glaze's Passion
The application was done without a base coat and top coat.
I used 2 coats to get this color payoff.

Pictured above is China Glaze's Passion (Gold) with Nubar's Purple Glitter on top.
Again - no base coat or top coat.  The Purple Glitter was applied in one coat.

I especially love Purple & Gold together... it has always been one of my favorite nail polish combinations.  Nubar's Purple Glitter is so awesome because the glitter transfers to the nail in one sweep easily.

Pictured above is Nubar's Paradise.  
This was applied on a clean nail without Base Coat or Top Coat.

I would suggest that you use at least 2 coats because this color can appear very sheer with one coat - 
but it is also a great color to apply over another color... i.e. over Gold or Purple polish.  
I have even applied this polish over a Green polish and it came out really cool.
I applied 2 coats of this polish to my nails.  

This was my final look.  It is very wearable with pretty much any outfit and appears almost nude in color because of the gold tones...  but it has an almost chameleon type base... 
so it can change colors to a lavender hue.  It is absolutely gorgeous!

All Products pictured/mentioned above were purchased by me.  
I have not been paid or I am not an affiliate with any of the brands mentioned above.

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Curves ahead makeup said...

Great color that's good you made time for yourself I always admire moms :) thanks for stopping by my blog your the sweetest

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