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An affordable alternative to Makeup Remover Wipes - Same Quality, Better Price Tag

I am all about saving a dime and this simple tip will save you quite a bit when it comes to Makeup Remover Wipes. :)

Makeup Remover Wipes are so convenient when taking off your makeup.  Instead of using a cotton ball or cotton pad and makeup remover... this cool invention allows you to have a wipe with makeup remover on it and it covers your entire face when your need to remove your makeup from that day.  The downfall is that this darn things can be pricey... and although they are totally worth every penny, being a mommy on a budget - I just couldn't justify paying the cost that they are sold for.

The wipes pictured above from MAC are quite popular in the cosmetic industry 
and have been my favorite for years.  
The bulk pack which includes 100 wipes costs $26.00.  
The regular sized pack with 45 wipes are $18.00
(Photo from

After trying different techniques - I discovered this way was the most affordable and still allowed me to use my favorite makeup remover and I wanted to share this technique with you.  It is my own little DIY and is so worth the cost.

I started by purchasing baby wipes in bulk - I first purchased them from Costco and brought the Kirkland Signature brand.  That ran me approximately $20.00 for a box of 10 packs of wipes.  Each pack had 100 wipes.  I do not use this brand any longer because I share the bulk wipes with the twins... and they had a minor reaction to them (you know babies and sensitive skin) so I changed the brand.  Plus, I did notice that this particular wipes (though the cloth was awesome) the solution did contribute to my face drying out.  I now use Parent's Choice brand wipes (found at my local Walmart) which comes with over 700 wipes (approx. 8 packs) for $11.00 and I can buy them in "Sensitive" and/or "Fragrance Free".  Since I have the option of selecting which type of wipe I want (sensitive, fragrance free, scented "which I do not recommend" or soft cotton cloth) I can control my skin reactions and easily change up the brand or the type of wipe without putting a big dent in my pocket book.  Then I paired them with one of my favorite makeup removers...  Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and the rest is history.

Watch my video (below) to get all the details and start saving you some moolah so you can spend it on more makeup :)  Now - not only do I share the big box of wipes with my kids... I also have a very inexpensive alternative to such an expensive brand name.
When the costs are averaged... here is the break down.

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover - 5.5 FL.oz = $7.00 - $9.00 at your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart... pretty much any drugstore has them.  You can make approximately 4-5 packs of wipes with each bottle depending on the amount you want to use to saturate the wipes.

Parent's Choice Baby Wipes - 704 wipes total ( 8 packs total ) = $10.00 - $13.00 at your local Walmart.

One wipe packet with makeup remover added... averages out to approximately:  $4.00 (that is the high amount)

This is totally worth it and I love that I am saving so much money.  So - watch the video below and I will tell you exactly what I do. :)  Happy Makeup Removing to all of you.

I am not affiliated or compensated in anyway to mention any of the products listed above.  
This is my own opinion and this post and video is for informational purposes only.   
I am not liable for any reactions that anyone may have when trying this technique mentioned here.

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