Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts of you...

This blog post is dedicated to my one & only - my soul mate, my true love, my Kevin. <3 xoxo

I was sitting here... just reminiscing of my past and all the challenges that have led me on my journey.  While engulfed in my thoughts...  I remembered times when my honey & I would walk down a beach, holding hands... with only our love keeping us warm as the moon began to rise, and the sun set.  Such beautiful, peaceful times.  Now, don't get me wrong... it's not like I would ever change my life and how it is at this moment... not at all.  I would never change it for the whole world.  I just find myself day dreaming of what things were like when my husband and I first started dating... and then when we were newly married.  It's been over 13 years since our journey has began, 13 wonderful years... and my heart is so full - so content... that I couldn't picture it to be any other way than the path that has chosen us.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of doing something and for some odd reason... you had a thought overwhelm your entire body... that it consumed each bit of energy you had and you could no longer go back to what you were originally doing????   Well, this is exactly what happened to me - which is why I am blogging about it now.  I can't get it out of my head. :)

What was this thought, you ask...  that took over my body so hard that I couldn't continue what I was doing????
Are you ready for this?  Well, here it is:

"Have you ever had a moment in your life, where you are arguing with your honey or engaged in such deep conversation, filled with so much emotion - that any interruption would completely and utterly make the situation a miserable mess?  But, right in the middle of it... your love grabs and takes you into him, holding you so tight as if to comfort your heart & soul... and then kisses you.  The passion shared - it simply is unexplainable...  no conversations can be continued, no arguments, no heartache, nothing can return to what it was, once a kiss like this is made.  It's as if time stood still...  as if someone stopped the clock...  and the only ones moving are you and him.

From time to time, out of the blue... while in the middle of writing, editing, cooking, driving, awaking... thoughts like these pour onto me like a rush of emotion... and everything else around me seems to be lost in unfinished thoughts.  I love those thoughts...  they give me chills, goosebumps and sweet dreams...

I love my husband.  He is so special and dear to me.  Without him, I would not be who I am today - nor, would I be the wife & mommy that I am.  Thank you, my love... for loving and supporting me. :)

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