Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding time for healthy eating... and being a fulltime mommy.

If you are a mommy, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that eating healthy is near to impossible when you have children. I have faced an abundance of challenges in my life, but eating healthy while running after my 3 sons is posing a huge challenge for me.

My six year old (almost 7) is a big encouragement for me because for the most part, he enjoys eating most vegetables and healthy foods. However, finding the time to eat regular meals to build my metabolism instead of snacks or just not eating at all seems like the logical choice when the twins got me on the go.

I desperately need the help and advice of other mommies out there who manage to keep a balanced, healthy food and eating schedule. How do you do it? It seems like there is never enough minutes in the day to feed everyone in the household, as well as myself. And, also trying to ensure that the meals I am cooking are healthy and nutritious.

I know exercise is also a key factor in being healthy and losing weight... Which is a bit of a challenge... But not by too much, because the kiddos like to be active, so it helps out a lot.

I am open to any suggestions others might have.:-) so please post comments or email me with any ideas.

Honey girl.
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