Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scrub-a-dub with T.Taio's Aloe Vera Soap Sponge

Like most moms who are running around after toddlers and a six year old - shower & bath time is absolutely sacred to me.  My twin 16 month old boys and almost seven year old son keep me busy during the day and the twins LOVE to bathe me in their homemade food recipes... so much that a warm bath is always the perfect remedy for a long day.

I love the smell of fresh & clean, though I must say that many  body washes, soaps and gels entice me with their fruit and flower scents...  but, I always seem to find myself drawn to the fresh shower smells... like Aloe.  I was very lucky to be sent the T.Taio Aloe Vera Soap Sponge by It's A Glam Thing and could not wait to try out this product that looked so interesting in the packaging.  

Upon opening the product - the smell that tickled my nose was absolutely inviting... and I couldn't get into the shower fast enough to try it.  When the water hit the sponge... it lathered pretty much immediately and I used it to scrub my body.  First off, let me start by saying that I could feel the exfoliating sponge doing its magic... and when the experience was over... my body felt so clean - I think I squeaked as I got out of the shower.  

Did I mention that I also used this on my face... as my facial cleanser?  It's moisturizing capabilities... left my face feeling clean & moisturized for the entire day.  Every part of my body felt like it had a nice relaxing deep cleanse.

Here is some really cool information on this special sponge soap.  

The company is based out of Mexico, but you can still order the product online.  It sells for $4.99 retail from their online website.  The soap sponge helps the skin to maintain its moisture balance, which worked perfectly for me because on days when I am in a rush and cannot put body lotion on, this is ideal for me.  My naturally dry skin that I experience during the winter months was perfectly moisturized through the day.  The sponge does not collect mold or bacteria.  For those that like to leave their sponge or loofah in the shower, mold or bacteria can grow very quickly... especially if you live in a cold environment where the wet air lingers...  I live in an area just like this - so mold is especially a problem for me.  I have been using this soap sponge for a couple of weeks and it still seems like it is mold free and still smells of the awesome Aloe plant.  It is made with Moisturizing Glycerin Soap.  Because I tend to have an oily face, I have been told by dermatologists that the best moisturizer to use should include Glycerin in it, not mineral oil.  This soap has been perfect to use on my face without the problems I would normally get from soap, like Acne breakouts.  Infused in the soap is a gentle exfoliating sponge.  This is where the extra clean comes in... as the exfoliating sponge removes any built up dirt or grime that you may have on your body.  And, the soap sponge is made with Nopal Cactus Pear Extracts.  This very ingredient has been proven to have awesome healing capabilities and I have noticed that the little breakouts that I would have on my body has been almost completely eliminated and cleared up.  

Below is my T.Taio Vlog Review - if you are interested in purchasing this product, visit:  http://www.ttaio.com. You will notice that the site is in spanish...  you can be taken to a site with English Translations by clicking on the "shopping cart" icon on the upper Right hand corner.  The soap sponge bar retails for $4.99 (an absolute steal considering you can pay that much and more for soaps at the drug store with far less better qualities).  T.Taio is running a special right now- use code GLAM 10 and you can get a Soap Sponge Free with Any Order... so buy one, get one free. :)

I know that once you try it - you will like it, I didn't think that it would interest me at all... but now that I have used it - I absolutely love it.

Disclaimer:  The following product was provided to me for product review.  I received no compensation nor do I have any affiliation with the company and/or companies mentioned.  All of my reviews are my own, honest opinion and I am not influenced in any way by the company or its subsidiaries to provide a positive or negative review. ~Honey~

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