Monday, January 17, 2011

My Birthday dinner dining experience...

This is totally not related to food... but it's been bugging me for a few days - so I figure I blog about it and get it off my mind.

So - Friday (January 14th) was my birthday - and my fabulous, sexy husband took me & the kiddos out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  It had been over a year since the last time we had gone... and I was so excited.  Not only was a going to get some delicious prime rib - but I could also have my escargot  and my calamari strips... I was totally stoked & so excited. :)

Reservations were made and we headed to the restaurant.  Now, this restaurant surely cannot hold more than 100 people comfortably... and it was a pretty average night in my opinion... not too busy - just right.

Well, the food was pretty awesome, as it usually did... and needless to say - I cleaned my entire plate, including appetizers and definitely put a dent in my cheat day.  My stomach was quite happy.  This part of my foodie experience, was definitely not what my complaint is.

The service was at its absolute worst.  Our reservations were set for 7pm and we didn't order till almost 8pm.  First, the waitress stopped by our table to ask if we cared for anything to drink... when I asked her if they had cups that were disposable and not glass with straws in them for the twins... she said she would be right back to check and that wasn't for over 20 mins.  She came back to take our order and I asked her if we could please order our drinks too... and she said yes, but disappeared again.  She stopped at all of the other tables until she came back and not to mention... my husband received his drink after he had finished his dinner and we were getting our desserts.  My husband had to tell the waitress he had not received it yet.  Then - all parents know that  their children never finish their dinners... and the twins definitely did not - their plates were full.  We asked for a take out box, she took the food... said she would box it for us and it never did arrive.  We paid our bill, left our tip and because we were so busy with the babies... we forgot about it.  But, I must say that from the time she took the food to box up till the time we left... it was more than 25 mins.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for some delicious prime rib and awesome food... but this time, the service was regrettable.... and definitely frustrated me tremendously.

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