Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Weight Loss Journey...

It seems like time & time again... I am making resolutions each year to lose extra pounds...  and this year - I decided I wanted to make a change.

NO MORE RESOLUTIONS!!!  I am striving to eat healthy & be healthy this year and always.  It can be hard to do this -seeing as I live in a household where both my husband and I are pretty good cooks and love to eat our naughty food.  But, I am vowing to have cheat days just once a week...  and eat healthy and reasonable the rest of the week.

I signed up for a few days back - and I love it because it is holding me accountable for my eating habits by showing me the amount of calories I am eating along with other things like carbs, proteins, fat, etc.  The really cool thing about this is that it is a free online program that I can use and I also have an app on my phone that will allow me to track my progress when I am on the go.  This is AWESOME!  It has a database of foods & exercises and I am able to blog directly on the site if I choose.  The other cool thing is that you can request to be friends of those that currently use the system as well... a great way to keep you on track and an awesome support system built right into the whole online program.

One thing I have to admit... keeping on top of a healthy diet is not easy.  Healthy food, organic food and even fruits and vegetables are very expensive... that it makes it a lot easier to shop for the foods that are high in calories, fat and carbohydrates.  Processed foods and ready made meals look more enticing because of the easy process of getting it made.  Even when clipping coupons - shopping can be depressing... especially in this economy we are all experiencing.

Another challenge for me is the fact that I really need to remember that portion control is EVERYTHING.

I hope to keep you all updated on my weight loss journey... or shall I call it my HEALTHIER ME journey.  Wish me luck! ;)


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