Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 13 - Blog Challenge, What is something you absolutely do not leave the house without?

Okay - I know, I am 3 days behind again.  This weekend has been quite lengthy and I had been so tied up that I completely forgot to post anything....

so - to answer my blog challenge question:  What is something you absolutely do not leave the house without... here's my answer:

First and foremost, my purse - because all of my essentials are in there from my wallet to my I.D. - can't drive without an I.D.  Then, I would have to say - my cell phone (though I have left it behind a few times).  My entire life is on that thing - from my calendar to all of my contacts, not to mention my entire communication devices to the whole world.   And, last but certainly not least - would be my car keys.  Can't go anywhere without those, unless I'm planning to walk - and even then I still need my house keys. ;-)

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