Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Major Fail... Days 7 - 11

OMG - talk about MAJOR FAIL.  I had been so busy the last week, that I haven't kept up with my 30 Day Blog Challenge...  From photoshoots to weddings, the last week has been keeping me on the go and though I have been wanting to type - I haven't had the chance.  So - here are days 7 - 11 all summed up in one post.

Day 7 (Oct. 30th) - Post a photo of something you ate today.  Hmmm...  Day 7 was completely a crazy day.  Not only did I fail on finding time to eat - I forgot about food all together.  This is a picture of what my body survived on to keep itself going on Day 7.  Thank goodness for Energy drinks.

Day 8 (Oct. 31st) - Do you watch TV - blog about your favorite show.  Right now - I have several favs to watch on tv when time permits...  including Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Hell's Kitchen, Chopped (Food Network), The Next Iron Chef and many more... including one of my all time favs - Jerseylicious.  I am a big fan of Jerseylicious having stumbled upon the show one day while flipping through channels.  My lifestyle here in Hawaii is so much different from that in New Jersey - however, that doesn't mean that you will not find the same personalities here in my home town as you do on the show.  I have always been fond of living in the Mainland (continental US) all my life and it is always great to watch shows (reality tv) that showcase others lives and where they are from.  Let's face it - we are not all perfect... and though many may criticize the Reality T.V. world - you can't help but find it so addicting because it is so much apart of our own worlds. ;-)

Day 9 (Nov. 1st) - What is your favorite thing about Winter (this season).  Ooh - I love Winter.  I have many friends who live in the States and love it or hate it...  I enjoy Winter months because I can walk around with my warm and pretty sweaters and scarves, beenies and gloves and no one will harass you about it.  It is the only time of year here in Hawaii when the weather is very cool or down right cold.  Now - this doesn't happen every day - but when it is, you will see me all dressed up in winter wear... something you will almost never find a person in Hawaii wearing.  Because of our warm climate - we can experience major sunshine all year without a touch of chilly weather... until our winter is in full swing.  I can't wait till it gets really cold here and I can start pulling all my warmies out of storage. ;-)

Day 10 (Nov. 2nd) - What is something you crave a lot?  Is there a specific reason?  First of all, I am going to keep my answer purely G-Rated... for the fact that I do not like to divulge personal details.   But, craving things is something I do often and food is one of my biggest cravings.  Those that know me, know that I am a huge Ice cream fanatic.  They also know that if I am feeling down or depressed - a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream sundae/cone will almost always do the trick of cheering me up.  Whether it be Frozen Yogurt or the true blue ice cream, I am always game for the frozen treat... even on a very cold day/night.  When I turn ice cream / frozen yogurt down, I have to either be really sick or had ice cream for days in a row where I am tired of it.  It is not always the most healthiest craving... but, heck - it's a good high and beats doing drugs or other things that are really bad for you.

Day 11 (Nov. 3rd) - Post a picture of yourself (taken today) and blog about your day and what happened.
I absolutely do not have a photo to post for today.  My phone died -so I don't have a camera there and my other camera's are in the car which is being rained on as we speak.  No way am I running into the car to go get them.  I will have to post another picture tomorrow when time permits.  I can tell you what I did today...
After taking my son to school late this morning, I came back home to jump back into bed to try and get some rest since my twin sons kept me up all night last night.  That didn't work, because they had me up within the hour I fell back asleep and then I started my day.  I stayed home, did my usually motherly chores and then headed out the door to pick my 6 year old up from school and then to a meeting I had with a client.  The meeting ran its course & then I ventured my way to the grocery market to pick up supplies to my hubby could make dinner.  It had been pouring hours and quite cold - so I couldn't wait to get home and into a pair of sweat pants. ;-)  My husband cooked chicken thighs stuffed with stuffing and cream of mushroom gravy.  It was delicious and now I am full - typing out my blog and catching up on all I missed and will be heading to bed (hopefully by 12am Hawaii time).  It will be nice to head to bed early. ;-)

So - that was my catch up on my 30 day challenge.  I am hoping that I don't have anymore obstacles and will keep on track for the rest of the month... but, we'll see. ;-)

Have an awesome day week everyone. ;-)

~ Honey

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