Saturday, October 23, 2010

My 30 Day Blog Challenge

I have always loved blogging and though I have not been very good at it lately - I am working my way back up there. Starting this weekend, I am going to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge. Each day - starting one of the days of this weekend, I am going to blog about the subjects below. I may add extra posts here and there but will keep to my 30 day challenge. This way - it will allow my readers to learn more about me and who I am - as well as keep my blog full of posts. Keep on following and let's see where this journey will take us. ;-)

Here are the posts that I will be doing in the 30 days.

30 Day Blog Challenge

  • Day 1 - Post a Photo of Yourself and a description of how your day went and what happened.
  • Day 2 - Post a photo of something you may have done today...
  • Day 3 - What is your idea of the perfect night out - details, details, details.
  • Day 4 - What is a song that matches your mood - post a video or lyrics if possible.
  • Day 5 - Look back over the years - when you reminisce, what comes to mind? Post a picture or two of what you remember (if you have any).
  • Day 6 - Do any shopping or hauls lately? Post a photo and details.
  • Day 7 - Post a photo of something you ate today.
  • Day 8 - Do you watch TV - blog about your favorite TV show
  • Day 9 - What is your favorite thing about Winter (this season)
  • Day 10 - What is something you crave a lot? Is there a specific reason?
  • Day 11 - Post a picture of yourself (taken today) and blog about your day and what happened
  • Day 12 - Who / What is your inspiration and why?
  • Day 13 - What is something you absolutely do not leave the house without
  • Day 14 - What is in your makeup bag?
  • Day 15 - Where is your favorite place(s) to eat and why
  • Day 16 - Post a photo of something or someone that makes your happy
  • Day 17 - Where do you live? Have your grown up here? What are your memories?
  • Day 18 - What is the meaning behind your blog name
  • Day 19 - If you knew that you were to die tomorrow, what would you say or do and why
  • Day 20 - Post another photo of yourself (taken today) and blog about what happened today
  • Day 21 - List 20 Facts about yourself
  • Day 22 - What's in your purse?
  • Day 23 - What are your favorite beauty products and why
  • Day 24 - What is your favorite movie?
  • Day 25 - 10 things you could not live without
  • Day 26 - What is your favorite food, why? Do you have a favorite recipe for it?
  • Day 27 - A Song that best describes you "today"
  • Day 28 - Post a picture of you in Highschool, what memories do you have from those days?
  • Day 29 - What are your goals for the rest of the year and resolutions for 2011
  • Day 30 - Post a photograph of yourself today and write about 3 good things that have happened in the last 30 days.

So there is the list of my 30 day Blog Challenge topics. I am very excited to get started. Stay tuned... it's going to be rockin. ;-)

xoxo ~ Honey

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