Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 1

A Picture of me & Isaiah on a hot night. ;-)

Day 1 - Post a Photo of Yourself and a description of how your day went and what happened.

Well, it is Day 1 of my Blog challenge. Listed above is what I will blog about today. What a weird day it was... we had planned to visit the local swap meet to see if we could find my eldest son some Semi Precious Stones or crystals for his rock/stone collection. The day was pretty much set in stone as well as what time it would all start... though, I must say - when you plan to wake up early, try to sleep early the night before so you can get an early start...

After assuming that I would be up early - we all rose at 8am and got a late start. Needless to say, we made it to the swap meet, walked around in the blazing hot sun and found my son's stones.

While at the Swap Meet - I stumbled upon a vendor that was selling everything from Tiffany's jewelry to MAC brushes and makeup. Now, having been in the makeup business for a long time, I know that anything MAC that this particular vendor was selling - is just not possibly the real thing. But, curiosity and the fact that I wanted to really see how much of a difference the products really were - I couldn't resist but to buy them. I purchased 3 things from her, a total of $44 for my purchase. The purchase included Electric Eel Eyeshadow, Gesso Eyeshadow and a brush set that includes 8 brushes. Even from the distance I was standing across from where the display was... I knew that the eyeshadows and brushes were imitation. First, when I got home... I checked out the Electric Eel. This was a color I had once before... and that blue in EE is unmistakable. I knew even before taking it out of the box that this was a remake. The blue of EE is a very bright blue and rich in color. The remake I have looks more like MAC's eyeshadow in Parrot and could be almost an identical dupe. Then, I inspected Gesso - which was just too sparkling and glittery to be a Gesso which is a matte shadow. The packaging was of very cheap quality. Again, from first glance... the box and shadow within looked pretty authentic... until I looked further. The font on the box was very weird... not the same as the authentic MAC boxes and the plastic that surrounds the pan was definitely a cheaper quality and different as well. I struggled to open both of them when I have NEVER had a problem opening a MAC eyeshadow before. I will not even go into detail with regard to the brushes. I knew from afar that they were not real just by the way the ferrule was crimped and the brushed metal look they had instead of it's usual shiny ones from the real brushes. Also - they were totally not shaped the way the originals are. But, as I mentioned earlier - I wanted to buy them to test it out and see what they were like, how different they were and if they were worth the cost. Though - they are 50% off of retail and brushes of course were pennies compare to the authentic ones - I would not suggest buying them. The colors will be great additions to any collections... and maybe the brushes would be okay starter ones... but I would much rather purchase a set of Sigma Brushes over these.

Besides all of that... I came home, slept for about 2 hours and now trying to get some work done. This is just an average day in my life. I will be doing a video in the next few days to talk about a bunch of hauls I did over the last 2 weeks and also talking about these MAC fakes. ;-) Have an awesome day.


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