Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 5 - Look back over the years - when you reminisce, what comes to mind?.

Day 5 - Look back over the years - when you reminisce, what comes to mind? Post a picture or two of what you remember (if you have any).

Well, it has definitely been a weird day for me today. I woke up not feeling so well... my allergies are having a field day so my head feels really cloudy and stuffed up. The positve... it has been raining off and on today and I just love Jammie Days. ;-)

So - it's Day 5 of my blog challenge. Lots lots lots of things come to mind when I reminisce on all that's happened. For example - my husband and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this coming April 2011... and we just celebrated 13 years together in September (last month). I remember when we first started dating... I was still in High School - in my senior year to be exact. I not only was a skinnier (much more athletic) version of myself... I was also a HUGE tom boy. I loved to surf and do all kinds of crazy things. I have mellowed out tremendously over the years. ;-) My husband had graduated in 1995 - so he was out of school and didn't have a curfew (as I did - my parents were really strict)... so we tried to spend as much time as we could with one another. It seems like that time was so long ago... and the memories I have are special ones. I remember when my hubby took me to my Senior Ball. He knew I liked purple... so he bought me a huge bouquet of sterling purple roses... it was gorgeous. And, not to mention... he was a total hottie that night (as usual). ;-) Above is our picture taken from that night. It was a beautiful night. ;-)

xoxo ~ Honey

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