Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guess who's back??? And, sharing a lil' Candy Kisses from ICC with all of you!

 I know I have been seriously behind on posting for my blog - I don't mean or want to neglect it - but business has been booming (woohoo!) and I have pushed my poor blog and even youtube to the back burner.  Not intentionally - of course.  I am going to make it a habit to try and post at least one post every other day in hopes that I can keep up with it and you guys don't feel like I have neglected you. ;) 

So much has been going on at I-Candy Couture... and I hope to be able to share some of it with all of you over the course of the next few days.  We have had several roll outs of different items and are looking to be rolling out a huge collection in the next day or so - definitely exciting and I am so ecstatic at the overwhelming support we have been receiving.

A few weeks ago - after months of formulating, test driving and finally completing... I rolled out our Candy Kisses Lipstick Collection.  It consists of 8 beautiful colors (more will be added soon) that will surely take your breath away.  These gorgeous colors are a blend of shades that can be worn all year round or for different seasons.  I have been formulating my own lipsticks for years and my MUA clients love them, so after doing makeup on a bride a few months ago - she told me I should add them to I-Candy Couture's Cosmetic Line.  It was a great idea and I couldn't wait to get going on them.  The colors range in shades from Red, Pink, Coral, Nude, Pink Nude and even a rich mauve and medium brown color.  They are currently available in 3 gram jars and sample clam jars for those who want to test drive a few colors.  Like I mentioned before - I am in the process of creating other colors... some bold colors and some that are perfect for any skin tone - so stay tuned for that.

Because these lipsticks are in the pot - I suggest you hold the pot in your warm hands for a minute to allow the lipstick to soften just a bit... giving you an easier time to work with it.  Lipsticks in a pot get firm... so if you are looking for a sheer pop of color on your pout - then use it straight from the pot.  If you are looking for a little more bold statement, I would suggest warming up in your hands and even stirring it up a bit before applying.  This way - you'll get your maximum color pay off. 


The great thing about being in the pot however, is that you don't have to worry too much about it melting and your lipstick bullet breaking... if it melts just a little... it will firm right back up in it's little pot - no mess to clean like a traditional lipstick.  We are working on bullet lipsticks, but are trying to keep our costs as low as possible, so until we can find the actual bullet containers at an affordable cost - we are going to stick to the pots.



Berry Smoothie is a beautiful pink/burgundy shade.  Perfect for darker skin tones or for those who want a bold color but are still too timid to sport around a bright red.

Honey Kisses is my favorite so far (hence my name in there).  This type of shade is one of my go-to colors for any look and this perfect peachy nude is great for all year round.  You will be seeing this in a lot of my tutorials.


Hibiscus is a bright (almost Hot Pink) Pink color.  It has shimmer in it which make it a great color for anyone looking for a shimmery pink lip.  Definitely a great color for spring looks.

Marilyn - named after one of the most iconic women in history is a bright fire engine red lipstick.  This is definitely a color needed in any lipstick collection.  This color was created because I think EVERY GIRL should have a great red lippie in their collection.

Pink Frosting is similar to hibiscus... but though it looks a little shimmery in the swatch - it is not as shimmery.  It also has a richer pink tone to it.  This is the kind of pink I am most comfortable wearing because it give my lips a pouty and sexy look when worn.  Add your favorite clear gloss or wear alone.

Strawberry Cheesecake is probably the perfect go-to everyday color for any gal.  It is like a nude, in the way that it will give your lips a hint of color but is not too bold to wear every day.  It's a pink with brown mix so it really is the perfect lip color for any occasion, season or wardrobe and can be paired with most eye looks.

This brown is a perfect color pretty much for any skin tone.  It has a slight hint of burgundy and is very buildable.  This would be a great lipstick for a night out on the town - where you want to play up your lips a little - but want your eyes to be the thing that stands out.  It would also go well on those days when you just want a simple winged out liner and a little color on the lips.

This type of color has already been gracing magazine ads, runways and  everything in between.  I formulated this color specifically for those who love corally orange pink colors and love to wear them in the Spring and Summer.  Though - I would definitely rock this color all year round.


I'm excited to hear your thoughts on all the goodies ICC is coming out with.  I'm even more excited to be able to follow my dream and my passions... I'm lucky to have an awesome Husband who supports me and drives me to such awesome success.  Many kick ass things are coming out of ICC really soon - so stick around and join me for the ride.

Glad to be back bloggin' again - thanks so much to all who keep emailing me and asking when am I coming back... it really kept me from forgetting and I'm here now.

Talk to you all soon - have a wonderful weekend!


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