Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some New Year's Eve Fun...

I filmed a couple of video takes... nothing big - but haven't had the chance to upload them onto my computer yet. ;) I love ringing in the New Year... it means so much to be welcoming new adventures.  We spent the evening at my hubby's aunt's house with family and friends.  This was the first year that the twins were able to actually get near any fireworks... and they enjoyed themselves so much. 


In these 2 photos... my hubby Kevin is playing with the twins as they play with sparklers... Luke & Isaiah loved it.  The really enjoyed watching all the fireworks displays.

 Below - my eldest son... (not sure why his face looks like that. lol) is playing with sparklers too.  He always looks forward to New Years because he can be part Pyro. lol

Below - the twins are sitting on the mechanical bull.  Last year they took to it pretty okay, this year, they just did not want to have a photo taken of them. lol I guess I wasn't catching Luke or Isaiah on the right sides this year. lol

My eldest son always enjoys riding the mechanical bull - he thinks it's very fun. ;)

I look forward to all that 2012 has to offer... and welcome it with open arms.  2011 wasn't the easiest year for me and my family - but I am thankful to have our family in tact, our love and of course... each other.  
I will post a video on my personal vlog channel on YT as soon as I can get it edited and up. We had some awesome fireworks displays... as we always do each year.  ;)

Wishing you all an awesome 2012 - thanks for being great and awesome supporters of my channel and blog - I really appreciate it.


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