Monday, January 2, 2012

I-Candy Couture's Valentine's Day Love Collection

I am so excited to finally roll out our Valentine's Day Love Collection.  
I have been working on it for several weeks and finally rolled it out today.  
It includes Eye Shadows, Glitters, Lip gloss, Lip jelly and even a blush.  
I am not sure if these items are going to be a part of our permanent collection yet - 
but I am so excited to be rolling this out.

Love Me is a Lip gloss and Enchanted is a lip jelly
Eyeshadows:  Love Always, Desire, Cupid, Forever and Mi Amore
Glitters:  Bleeding Love and Romance Me
Blush:  xoxo

All prices are posted on the site and they are available for purchase in a full collection - with full sizes and sample sizes.  Check out for details, ingredients and photos.

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