Saturday, February 18, 2012

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Share your Favorite Beauty/Fashion Tip

To enter this giveaway - click on this link or go to and click on the Notes Tab.  Follow the directions and you could have 2 chances to win.

Part 1:
We love our clients, supporters and friends and we would love to feature you on our Page.  Do you have a favorite beauty or Fashion Tip?  Simply comment down below with your Favorite beauty tip or fashion tip - it could be anything you desire that you think would help out a fellow friend who doesn't know about either.  

You can enter just one time (one comment only) - however, you can definitely get extra points if you send someone to our page - they must like our page first and then they comment down below telling us that you sent them.    They do not need to enter the contest for you to get the credit, you will receive one extra point for each person you send.  All the entries (with extra entry credits) will be entered into where the winner will be selected randomly.  

The winner will receive a treat bag from ICC that includes sample pigments and jewelry from our handcrafted line and maybe a few other treats.  Retail about $10.00

Part 2:
We are not done there... 
The person that sends the most amount of people over to like our page will receive their own gift from ICC.  It will be a secret gift... but will include our pigments and jewelry and maybe a few other treats... A special little treat bag for the person with the most referrals.  

In order to get credit, your referral must do the following:
  • Like I-Candy Couture on Facebook (no exceptions, I will check)
  • Comment in the notes section and say that you referred them (it would be best if they tagged you if possible)
  • If there is more than one person with the same amount of referrals (and they have the most referrals) - then each person will receive a treat bag.

That's it - we will count up all the referrals.  The treat bag you receive will be valued at about $15.00 retail total (maybe a little more.)

This giveaway starts today - February 17, 2012 and ends on Friday March 24th, 2012 at 11:59pm Hawaii Time.  If you win part 1 - you can still be eligible to win part 2.  Part 1 will be selected via and part 2 will be selected via the most number of referrals to our page.
Good luck to everyone.  


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