Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bedroom Eyes - Soft, Sexy and Sultry... FOTD

I did this makeup look yesterday (02/13/12).  I filmed a tutorial on it as well, but I didn't have the chance to edit it - so as soon as I do - I'll link it below when it uploads to YT.  I wanted to do a full series of looks for Valentine's Day - but ICC has been so busy - it was near to impossible to get it done.  I'm glad I was able to do at least one the other day (which I will be posting here too).  This is definitely a wearable and soft look and you can easily recreate it with any drug store brand... my favorite would be Wet n Wild - I believe the Knock on Wood trio would work awesome.  But, I love our ICC Pigments, I guess you could say I'm biased, since I make them myself. lol

Products used:

Primer:  I-Candy Fix, Primer
Eyeliner:  Black Out Duo Gel Eyeliner
Mascara:  Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara and Double Trouble Mascara by Lashem
Eye shadow:  I-Candy Couture Pigments in Roselani, New Moon and Peaches and Creme and a little bit of Colors of the Wind just for a little highlight in the tear duct area.

I-Candy Couture - Pink Frosting Lipstick

Earrings:  I-Candy Couture's Twisted Woven Hoops from the Valentine's Day Love Collection

It was a simple look to recreate and I really think the tutorial will be easy to follow.  As soon as I have a chance to edit it - I will make sure to add it here. ;) Hope you liked this look.


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