Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coastal Scents, build your makeup kit with these essentials

Those of you that have been in the beauty community for some time have probably heard of Coastal Scents. If you haven't - I am sure that you will be running over to their site as soon as you are done reading my post ;)  I have been a Coastal Scents customer for over 4 years.  As a Freelance MUA - I purchase a good amount of my brushes and cosmetics for my kit from Coastal Scents - not only because they are affordable, but also because they offer awesome quality as well.

I was so lucky to choose out a bunch of products from Coastal Scents to do a review on.  Thank you Coastal Scents for sending me these awesome products - I love them and I enjoy being your customer.

I chose to review the following products:  The African Black Soap (I chose the sample size), the Facial cleansing scrub, the Shadow Worx Eyeshadow Primer, the Angled Eyeliner Brush and of course - my most raved about product... the 22 Piece Brush Set (pictured below).  And, as usual with all of their orders... Coastal Scents included an eyeshadow pigment sample.

I have been waiting for a few years to get my hands on an angled eyeliner brush after watching countless videos by MakeupGeek and how she absolutely loves hers, so I had to get it since I had the opportunity.  I love it.  It makes applying my eyeliner much easier and no shedding yet. :)

I am also very much inlove with the shadow worx, facial scrubber and the 22 brush set.  You will see the details in my video below - but I am certainly impressed. ;)  I really love the facial scrub.  It allows me to exfoliate my face and neck without hurting me dramatically.  Many scrubbers are very abrasive... and it causes me a ton of pain - but the bristles on this one is soft - but definitely exfoliates and gets the job done well.  I was really impressed considering it was very very affordable.  You can buy several at a time and throw them out when you are done and it is over used.

It's not pictured - but the fan brush is in the lower part of the picture and it is a huge brush - but great for dusting fall out off of your cheeks.  I am very impressed with this brush set.  I have used each brush already (though I did not in my video - I have had the opportunity to try it out before posting this) and I am very impressed.  My one con is that I wish that this set came with two important brushes in my arsenal - a brush similar to my MAC 224 and a brush similar to my MAC 217.  Either way though... I make them work.  I will just have to pack those separately if I want to use them. 

Here is the video review of what I received.  I tried to get as detailed as possible with each item and especially the brush set.  I surely give that set 5 Stars - I am seriously impressed with it. :)

Hope you enjoyed this review ;)


FTC:  All products discussed in this review were sent to me for review and consideration.  I was in no way paid to do this review nor was I compensated in any way.  My review is always unbiased and 100% honest.  It includes my personal opinions due to my first impressions as well as experience and use of the products.

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MaKeUpJuNkiiE18 said...

Great Review Honey! I as well am a loyal customer of coastal scents. There palettes are amazing and so are there brushes

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