Sunday, September 25, 2011

Take your favorite Perfume with you - Travalo Atomizer Review

Now - let me just start off by saying... this little bullet looking contraption is not what you think... it's not a bullet or any type of unmentionable that I surely will not mention... lol - it is a Perfume Atomizer.  What is a Perfume Atomizer?  Well, it is a really cool, easy refill, travel sprayer for your perfumes.  This tiny little thing was a 2010 Cosmo Beauty Award Winner and has been building in popularity.  

This particular Travalo is the the Travalo Excel - their newest edition to the Travalo Family.  It comes perfectly packed in this awesome little plastic case with flourish designs to ensure it does not get scratched up and looks brand new for a long time.  For just $19.99 USD you get this awesome little travel mate perfect to take your favorite perfumes in. 

It is Aircraft Approved - which, let's face it... that means no more packing my expensive and favorite perfumes only to be worried the entire time that they will not make the trip.  It can easily be packed in your carry on luggage and taken on the plane anywhere.  This little bottle has a pressure regulating system that allows your bottle to adjusts to the changing of air pressure during your flights - which prevents leaks and is ready to travel when you are.  Where was this awesome product when I traveled so much for business?

The Travalo Excel is made of 98% recyclable components... awesome for Mother Earth and is so tough and strong - it was made from Aircraft grade aluminium which also makes it light weight. And, to top it all off - there are no glass parts... so it is safe and in the case it should take a fall onto a hard floor or concrete, you don't have to worry about breakage and dangerous glass everywhere.  

Travalo offers an awesome guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product, which is about 10 years or 10,000 operations... which - let's face it... any guarantee now a days is awesome.  

There is no need for funnels - no spills... so easy and effortless. ;)


After the first use - I knew that I was completely sold.  This product is very easy to use, easy to fill and at the price that they are selling it at - considering I would have to replace a very costly perfume, this is a deal.  

Shipping and customer service in my opinion was pretty awesome.  I like when things are effortless and indeed it was.  Communication was quick and responses were very accurate and detailed.  The product arrived in one piece and was packaged in a bubble mailer... which in my opinion means one of two things:  It either really is build tough - or they didn't care about packaging their products.  I decided it was because it was built so tough... not a scratch.

I am very brutal with things I place in my purse/handbag and I must say - this little thing really has been withstanding my ill regard for my purse belongings. lol  I also love that I am not worried that it will leak in any way and my favorite pictures, cosmetics or paperwork in my purse will get ruined... or my purse for that matter. 

I love the color... though I really wish they made the Excel in purple - ya know it's my favorite.  

The one downfall in my opinion is that I had a really hard time pumping any perfume into the Travalo from my shorter nozzle perfumes.  After trying several times, I gave up and decided to use one with a longer nozzle.  It's a bummer - because some of my shorter nozzle ones are my favs.  But - still, I will live with it - because I truly enjoy my Travalo and love it. ;)

All in all - I give this baby.... 5 Stars!  I would definitely buy this again and again and in fact will be placing an order soon for another one.  ;) 

A great investment for all the perfume lovers out there.  Don't let other atomizers fool you... I have tried many, and they are not as tough... one dented so bad when I dropped it, it looked like it was run over by a truck. lol  And - Travalo atomizers start at $15.99 and they also sell awesome carrying cases.  I plan to get me the hot pink travalo next. ;)

To see my video review and demonstration on how to use the Travalo, please see my video below. 


FTC:  This product was sent to me for consideration and review.  In no way am I affiliated or have I been paid or compensated to do this review.  My review is 100% honest and my own opinion.

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