Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adding to my Inglot Addiction...

Before I get into my Inglot Gift Haul - let me explain a few things.... ;)

I have to admit - I have met some really awesome people in my lifetime and have made friends with some of the best... but my friend Kiley truly takes the cake.  I've known her for years... we went to high school together. In High School she was such an awesome friend.  I remember sitting next to her in Mr. Miller's History Class - which by the way, I'm thankful she was there because I hate that class. lol  We have always been friends since.  This awesome gal just sends me things on a whim and I am so thankful that she thinks about me. Thanks girl.

Here are a few items that she has purchased for me... Inglot! I have never tried it before because we don't have an Inglot store here on Maui.  The first time she sent me an Inglot Quad - which I hauled a few months back... then she sends me these goodies.  I love Inglot and the pigmentation is phenomenal.  She has truly made me an Inglot Addict. ;)

Thanks Kiley - you are fricken awesome. xoxo Honey

The above photo is of the new Trio & 10 Pan Palette that Kiley just recently sent me. ;)

The above photo is of the newest Inglot addictions and the original Quad that Kiley sent me. ;)

Inglot Freedom Palette shadows are all individually packaged (as you see above) and you place them in each slot in the palettes ;)

Thanks Kiley - you are fricken awesome. ;)

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