Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I-Candy Couture... feather hair clip in extensions

Okay, I know I have a dedicated blog for I-Candy Couture, which - I might add, I am neglecting and deserve a slap on the wrist for... but I wanted to preview some of the pieces I have been working on here on my personal blog.  This way, my bloggies and friends will know that I am not just slacking here on my blog because "I feel like it" but I actually have a justified reason... I'm doing business. lol

Things are going really well with I-Candy Couture and I want to thank all my friends, youtubers, and customers for helping to make it a success.  Of course - my family is the number one reason I am so successful and they are my driving force. ;)  So anyway, now on to some products.

I have been working the last few weeks on designing Feather Clip In Hair Extensions.  You know what, I don't even know what to call them (as you can tell, I've jumbled the words around from the title - it's just too weird).  But, anyhoo - I digress and move on.  I love feathers and have been doing actual feather hair extensions with micro beads for a little while now but really wanted to try something that would allow me to show off my creative side.  No to mention, sometimes you don't want to use the same feathers every day until you get your extensions taken out - so this clip on versions are perfect.  And, I think you can really get "saucy" and use larger feathers for a more dramatic look instead of the usual rooster ones.  Though - I do include those in some of my clip ons too.  I am contemplating making some with chains as well, not just suede or "Non-tangly" material (yes, I have just made up "non-tangly". lol)  I can add beads or leave it plain with just feathers and I can do all sorts of cool and craziness.  What I love about clip ins is that if you are not feeling the "feather look" today or any day - just leave them stored and don't need to take them out. ;)

So here are a few that I have worked on thus far and many more are coming out too.  They are available on the I-Candy Couture site and I can also customize them for you.

The feather extensions pictured above and below are a mix of maribou feathers, some other feathers (lol) and grizzly rooster feathers.  They are connected to suede as well as a standard hair clip.  Basically what you would do is just lift up a portion of your hair (hair on the top side) and place the clip on the underside and attach to some hair.  Then drop your "topside" hair over so it will cover the clip.  Very easy.  Or - you can always clip it into a pony tail too. ;)

The feathers pictured below are just your usual feathers and are also on suede.  They are larger so this is definitely a statement piece.

Thanks for letting me share with you some new goodies I have been working on at I-Candy Couture.  
Have an awesome Tuesday!

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