Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ask Honey... weekly advice and tips

Hey guys and dolls... so I have been so bad and neglecting my formspring... I know, MAJOR FAIL.  So, instead of answering all my questions there, I will be addressing them in one mass blog post or video vlog via my YouTube channel.  No names will be mentioned, just questions and the answers.  If you want to ask me anything... you can Facebook me, tweet me, private message me,  youtube, email... you know how to reach me ;)

These questions are not only beauty related but lifestyle related... so go ahead and ask me anything. I'll give you the best possible advice that I can.

So here are this week's questions:

Q.  I would really like to get into doing makeup and Freelance work, what do you suggest I start with?

A.  First and foremost, make sure you have already started building your portfolio.  If you are doing makeup on Friends, Family, etc... take their photographs and put it in a portfolio that you can use to display your work.  You can't build clientele without showing them what you do.  Second, I would make you some business cards (print at home ones are great) and pass them out when you are doing someones makeup.  That will help to get your name out.  Make sure to tell everyone about your business. :)  The kit, the brushes, all that stuff can be built slowly and rather quickly.  Before you know it, you will have all of your tools to do makeup on your clients, but if you don't have clients... you will have wasted your money on all the products.  Build your base first and take a camera everywhere you go. ;)

Q:  You have been married for so long, how do you do it?

A:  Relationships are a two way street, literally.  It is about give and take and most importantly about compromise.  And, lets not forget that LOVE is a very important factor as well and really builds the base to your marriage or relationship.  All relationships have their ups and downs... but it is not about the ups and downs that makes or breaks a relationship, it's about the lack of communication and compromise.  My husband and I have grown to know each others weaknesses and our strengths, we know what buttons to push and what makes each other smile.  First and foremost, he is my best friend.  When a couple in a relationship can relate on that same terms... the awesomeness usually just falls into place.

Q:  I have a serious crush on someone but I don't think she notices me, what should I do?

A:  I am seriously the wrong person to ask this question. I waited 4 years before I had the guts to really ask my husband out... and I didn't even do it myself.  I did however, send a friend several times. It never worked, either. I would just approach her and see if she acknowledges you. If she doesn't, maybe you need to get to know her or let her know you.  Please make sure she is single first.  But, either way just be yourself.  Better to find out then not, I guess. ;)

Stay tuned for next weeks questions.


Disclaimer:  I am not a professional, I'm just offering my advice for those who ask me questions. Just as a friend would answer them, I am.  I am not liable for your actions taken from my answers on my blog. Please tread with an open mind and heart. xoxo Honey

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