Saturday, August 20, 2011

Germs are everywhere... read this before taking a trip to your local cosmetics counter.

I absolutely love reading "total beauty" and getting my weekly emails. Though this particular one came out a month ago or so... I wanted to share it.

I haven't really made a trip to my local cosmetic counters in over a year... but this really stuck out to me...

Germs are Everywhere:

Most makeup counter artists and salespeople clean makeup brushes after they use them from one customer to the next though you can never trust any brush that isn't yours. Makeup brushes are one of the most common breeding grounds for bacteria.

But, it's not the brushes consumers should worry about but the products themselves. No matter how many times a day the sales rep cleans them, people love to come and stick their dirty fingers in the colors to test them. Not to mention how often people are right up near the counter and sneezing, coughing and many other things while they are standing there.

A sales rep from a company said that women walk right up to the counter, grab a lipstick tester and put it right on their lips.

In my own opinion and experience... I stopped going to makeup counters because I get so excited to try on colors... that I believe the Artist/sales person notices how excited I am. For years since I have been interested in makeup, that is one thing I don't venture to... I never swatch or use any of the cosmetics on a counter and I surely don't go to the counter and allow them to do a free trial makeover or makeover with purchase... because the products they use are straight from the counter testers. I am a huge germ freak and it freaks me out every time I go into a department store or visit my local makeup counter and swarms of customers that are swatching each product... not clean or sanitary to say the least.

Some of the information written in this post was used from - however, some of it is my own experience.

So remember... before trying on makeup at your favorite makeup counter... think twice.


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