Thursday, March 10, 2011

{QOTD} - Question of the Day, What is your favorite clothing accessory?

This is such a great question... because it is so difficult to answer.  I love jewelry... what girl doesn't?  Though I have more than my fair share of it... it is not my favorite accessory to wear.  When the weather and every day duties permits... my favorite accessories are purses/handbags and footwear (shoes, flipflops "slippahs", sandals and my favorite... boots).

The bag I'm sporting right now is this Hello Kitty Quilted Face Bag.  
You can purchase this and other awesome Hello Kitty bags at Bag Haus.  
This image is from the Baghaus site.

If you know anything about me... you surely know how much I love to buy handbags & purses... and have more than enough in my ever growing collection.  No - I am not bragging... I'm simply telling you the truth - I am a purse hoarder... hehe!  I am a big fan of Bag Haus - not only because their prices are affordable... but because they have fashionable and trendy purses and handbags in a plethora of sizes, styles and colors.  I am also a huge fan of Coach and have been sporting their bags for over 10 years.  I can't help but admit that they are probably one of my favorite brands... and a pocket book weakness of mine.  However, I will also tell you that I do not discriminate against ANY bag. :) hehe!

I love  Sandals & Boots... and peep toe booties. :)
These pictured above are stylish and can be sported with your Glamour dress or 
a pair of denim dark wash skinny jeans.  I have just ordered the sandal on the left 
(which was recommended specifically for me by Kim Kardashian, thanks to Shoe Dazzle
and I will post pictures when they come in.
*Photos from

Though running after my 3 kids and doing errands and dealing with the hot weather in Hawaii makes it almost difficult to wear anything but running shoes or flip flops (called slippahs, in Hawaii) - I LOVE any type of footwear... especially sandals & boots.  I used to have quite a big collection at one time which included Steve Madden (one of my favs) - but after I was laid off from my corporate job... I rarely used them... and either gave them away or sold them.  I am slowly building my collection of these gorgeous beauties once again... and hope to be sporting all my favs in the near future.

Accessories for your favorite outfit go way beyond jewelry or a pair of earrings...  though I do not "hate" on any of those items. :)  Purses & Footwear are a girl's best friend... next to diamonds of course.  You can easily take a simple (everyday) type of outfit and turn it into a Runway ready fashion... just by adding a few accessories.  Every girl needs a sexy stiletto sandal and a hot pair of boots to Glam-up their wardrobe, and no look is complete without a trendy and fashionable handbag. :)

Companies/brands mentioned above are not paying me to do this post.  The pictures above are of items that I have purchased with my own money.  I am an affiliate of and currently am a ShoeDazzle customer.

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