Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Youtube Contest Win - Yay!

So - I have been going on and on about my first contest win on Youtube thanks to KCSMILEZ80.  I can't help it... I have been on youtube since 2008 and have NEVER won a contest... so I am so excited. :)

Here are a few pictures of the prizes I won... I wanted to share them with you.

Pictured above is the entire collection that I won.  
I absolutely love all of them and cannot wait to start using them. :)

Pictured above:  Revlon's Firecracker Lipgloss on the Left
NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Rose Sparkle

Pictured above & below:  Wet & Wild Color Icon Palette in Pride.  This palette is so dramatically pigmented... and that is even an understatement.  The left side of the palette is matte colors which are very rich in color and soft to the touch.  Just barely a swipe and I was able to get the color payoff you see above.

The right side are shimmer / frost colors.  Through I did have to swipe them a little more to get the color payoff you see below... they are still so pigmented and the colors unbelievably vibrant.  

Wet & Wild is one of the oldest Cosmetic companies out there... and although they are probably one of the least expensive brands you could ever purchase... I am finding that the quality of their products are absolutely phenomenal.  One of my favorite liquid eyeliners EVER happen to be by Wet & Wild... the H2O. :)

NYX's Single eyeshadow in Fantasy.  I love NYX... and LOVE their neutral colors.  
This gold color is fabulous...  and very pigmented.

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette - The Runway Collection in Champagne & Caviar.  

Pictured above are swatches of the colors from the bottom row.  Swatch is from right to left to match the left to right pictured below...  sorry - I wasn't paying attention when I swatched it... hehe!  
So beautiful and great pigmentation.

The picture above is from the top row and is pictured backwards as well... hehe!

Thank you so much Kiley for having such an awesome contest.  I cannot wait to play around with my new beauty goodies.  I have never gotten a palette with neutral colors like the NYX one and this is awesome because there is even a pink one in there... awesome for a baby pink neutral smokey eye look. :)

Please check out her channel: and 
subscribe for awesome Neutral look tutorials, awesome Hauls & Giveaways too. :)

DISCLAIMER:  All products pictured were awarded to me for winning a contest.  All images listed above were taken by me.  Please do not copy images without permission.

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