Monday, March 14, 2011

Motives Cosmetics Haul - 5 eyeshadows and a 5 shadow palette

Woohoo!  It has been a really long time since I hauled anything but hair products... so it was really awesome that I had a chance to pick up some makeup. :)

The products pictured below were purchased from Motives Cosmetics.  You can check out their line and even sign up for Cash back on your purchases by going to:
Use as your email referral.

The shadows are just about the size of MAC shadows... maybe a tad bit bigger and cost just $12.00 each.  The 5 eyeshadow palette was $8.50 and comes with little sticky magnets so you can easily transfer your single shadows into the palette. 

You can see the pictures for swatches and I also have a video below. :)

The eye shadows are extremely pigmented... as you will see pictured below. 
The colors are vibrant and are quite soft to the touch.  
I haven't tried any looks with these yet, but I can only imagine how pigmented they are 
and how easy they are to blend.  

I tried to get a range of colors that I could use...  and a mix of textures and finishes 
so that I can get a feel of these shadows and do a good review on them.

Once I try them out a little more... I will be sure to do a formal review.

The picture below is backwards... sorry about that - 
I totally wasn't paying attention when I swatched them on my fingers.  

Pictured below:  Vanilla (Matte)

Pictured below:  Mink (Frost)

Pictured below:  Heiress (Frost)

Pictured below:  Breaking Dawn (Matte)

Pictured below:  Drama (Frost )

Disclaimer:  All products shown and discussed above were purchased with my own money and I was not paid or compensated in any way to talk or blog about them. 

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