Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Thoughts... where did the time go?

I know it is not often that I post something so personal... but I was sitting here at my desk earlier today and was thinking about all the hours and days that go by... and how time flies.  My twins are now 18 months old... and my eldest son is now 7.  So many thoughts fluster my mind when I think about special memories I had with each one of my children... and I cannot believe how much they have changed and grown.

Pictured Above:  Ka'eo - one week old

Pictured Above:  Ka'eo - 1 week ago (7 years old)

Pictured Above:  The Twins, Luke (R) and Isaiah (L) - 1 day old (still in the hospital)

Pictured Above:  The Twins, Luke (R) and Isaiah (L) - 
taken 2 weeks ago (17 months 3 weeks old) with their daddy.

I am so very proud of my boys... Ka'eo has had so many accomplishments and the twins are meeting each and every development milestone.  I know they have to grow up...  and that you can't stop time - but sometimes I wish I could just have one more day with their baby selves. :)

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