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Add some Bling to your hair - My review on Bling Strands

Spice up your daily wardrobe with a very simple and high fashion accessory...  Bling Strands.  I had the opportunity to try Bling Strands for the first time this January.  I have tried quite a few other products where others have applied them in my hair... but this product is definitely the best.  Other products I used were very heavy or thick... and once tied in - they would fall out or pull out after just a few days or my first shampoo (washing my hair).  Bling strands however has withstood tremendously.  I tied in (or shall I say I had some help tying in) the Bling Strands on New Years Eve 2010.  I tried to do it on my own... but it was quite difficult for me to do - though I blame it on my short arms... :)  Once I got help - the process of putting them in is really simple.  You will use the bling strand to tie a slip not around your natural hair... and then tie the hair & bling strand together.  Once that is done, you will drop your natural hair and pick up both ends of the bling strand and pull them slowly and softly till you feel a pop and the bling strand is secure.  I just removed all of my bling strands yesterday (February 10th) and they lasted over a month.  I did lose about 4 over the month... but I had over 15 in my hair... so it really didn't take away from the overall look I was trying to achieve.

In the above photo... I have my hair flat ironed straight...  
the bling strands can withstand up to 400 degrees.  They did not burn or budge.

In the photo above... my hair is wet and straight out of the shower... they are still shiny and perfect.

I was able to shower, shampoo & condition my hair.  Spray and condition with leave in treatment, flat iron, curl with a curling iron and nothing affected the bling strands at all.  Brushes and combing my hair was a easy... there was no tugging, pulling or yanking of my normal hair and they lasted until I lost a hair of my own. It was a perfect compliment to all of my outfits and I definitely turned heads when I was out in public.  I absolutely love this product and would continue to by it time and time again.

The above photo was taken from
I wish we had this product 13 years ago when I was going to prom.  
I would have had an awesome hairstyle.  Perfect for Weddings, Proms & a night out on the town.  I used bling strands everyday and loved it.


Individual colors = $10.00 each (25 strands, 18 inches long)

  • Precious Metal & Natural Kits = $38.00 (a $42.00 savings) (8 colors, 25 strands each color, 18 inches long each strand)
  • Brights & Pastels Kits = $38.00 (a $42.00 savings) (8 colors, 25 strands each color, 18 inches long each strand)

Bling strands has partnered with a textile fiber manufacturer in the US that manufacturers all of the fibers only for Bling Strands.  The strands are guaranteed to be Lead free, non-toxic and non-flammable.  They are made from clothing grade synthetic fibers and the manufacturer is the same one that supplies fabrics to Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Vera Wang...  just to name a few.  They are the finest, most thinly cut strands on the market and made to withstand heat up to 400 degrees.

Below is the instructional video that the team at put together on how to tie bling strands into your hair.  I did have difficulty putting them in - but it is usually difficult to see the top of your head.  I would suggest that you get someone to help you.  I have no trouble putting them in for anyone else however... and it is such a fun thing to do on a "Girl's day out".

There are so many people with their own opinions... I have come across blogs that have positive and negative things to say about this product.  In my opinion - I absolutely love it.  Being a stay at home mom, I really don't have the opportunity to dress up on a daily basis like I used to when I worked at a corporate office.  Bling strands allowed me to dress up my hair subtly without causing too much attention - but at the same time, giving my every day look an extra flair.  I definitely suggest that every woman have a complimenting color as a part of their arsenal of hair products.  Now that my hair is no longer red, the silver will probably not mesh with my brownish blond hair... so I am going to be ordering the champagne ones to rock out my new look. :)

To order bling strands - visit


I was sent bling strands from a company that represents/works with for trial and review.  I was not paid/compensated to provide a review, nor was I paid/compensated to provide a positive/negative review.  My comments & opinions are all my own and I provide my honest opinion to assist my readers/viewers and give them more information.  I am not liable for any purchases by consumers or other that may end in a negative result.

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