Sunday, January 30, 2011

HONEYGIRLSWORLD.COM - A Unique blog for the Wifes, Mommies, Beauty & Makeup Lovers...

In September 2008 - I started what I thought would be a site that would cater to all things beautiful... including Makeup, Skincare & Beauty needs for all women.  Now over 2 years later... after closing down one blog to open another, I am in full swing with HONEYGIRL'S WORLD.  This blog is a place for all women, all ages, all colors, all likes & dislikes... to stop on in and see a piece of my world - out in the open... no page unturned.  My hope is that all women (or men, I shall not leave them out) can stop on in and gain knowledge or insight on things that they may not know much about.

The focus of this blog/site is to provide Beauty & Life related subjects and allow you to venture into things you may not normally think to do on a daily basis.  This is also my way of allowing the stay-at-home mommies, or home makers, as well as the "outside" full time working mommies a chance to be themselves.  I love meeting new people and sharing my likes and dislikes.  And, since my twins and my 7 year old keep me busy as a mommy, I am also looking for a way to "be girlie" and release the "Inner Diva" that I have to keep tied up on a daily basis.  I blog about beauty products that I have tried, that I liked or think may not be for me... I do makeup tutorials so that the average gal looking to spice up her look a little or the beginning makeup junkie can learn a few tricks of the trade that I took years to master.  I blog about being a mommy and all the little tidbits and milestones that come with it.  I blog about my love life... being a wifey and all the ups and downs that come with marriage & relationships.  I talk about my crazy hair, my funky cravings and my love for cooking & eating food.  Everything and anything that could possibly be included in a Women's Blog - is right here!  As if all of that wasn't enough...  I blog about my life, the emotions I experience, the happy moments and the sad...  this is like my Diary - but in full detail.

I am the creator of  Who am I, you might be asking...  my name is Honey Kaho'ohanohano.  I have spent the last 3 years as a stay at home mom and a Professional Photographer, while freelancing during my free time (or what's left of it) doing makeup and teaching makeup techniques.  Prior to being a stay at home mom, I was a Regional Marketing Production Manager for a huge Hotel/Resort Chain... and living the high life.  Money was good, I had all the perks I needed for traveling and I never had to think twice about what I was buying and how much it costs.  In July 2008, one month after trading in an already paid for "beautiful" truck for a brand new car (and a brand new car bill) that would allow me to travel from my house to my place of work economically and saving on gas, the company decided they would downsize and I was one of the first employees they decided to lay off.  As if this wasn't detrimental on me already, after the years of work and sacrifice I had put in for the company...  I had to now find a job in an economy that was in complete disarray.  With the loving support of my husband - we both decided that I would stay home and raise our eldest son (then the only child in our family).  Four months later, I found out I was pregnant and then pregnant with twins... and now, the rest is history.  You might say it was a blessing in disguise... because it took me losing my job to relax enough that I was able to get pregnant... after years on fertility pills and seeing a specialist.  Twins do run in our families though...  so rest assured, it was a blessing. :)

Through my blogging and youtube channel I am able to express myself in ways that normal every day life does not normally allow.  I wanted to create a place where all people could turn to for all of their every day needs, beauty, makeup, mommy & wife stuff, creative things, art... life in general.  I wanted to be able to share free advice - Business & Professional or just plain knowledgeable kind and networking opportunities for others to build their list of friends, networks & relationships.  Blogs like mine are in great need, they are an outlet that every woman can escape to or read and know that they are not alone in a world that sometimes expects them to be a leader... but does not acknowledge that they are one.  Somewhere that anyone can look to for beauty advice that they would not ask anyone for because they are shy or afraid of the reaction they will get.

So help to make my blog a success... generate the buzz around it so that others can follow and have their "daily dose" of awesomeness.  It's free to follow my blog or subscribe to my youtube channel and it is free to suggest it as well.  Don't forget to send me an email or comment below if you have any suggestions on what I can do or how I can help you.  I love making new friends and I comment back or communicate with all of my followers. :)

thanks for stopping in.


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