Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dear diary... my week in review

It has been an interesting week.... A busy week. First, let me say that I recorded my first "dear diary" tonight and for some reason the video was completely black, though my voice was recorded. Ugh... That was totally frustrating and a major bust.... Dang it.

Wednesday was my eldest son's 7th birthday... Though we didn't have a party, we had a nice family dinner which we all enjoyed.

Today, I attempted to walk just under a mile up to my son's school to pick him up after his day. With the changes in my eating habits and trying to be healthy... I thought I could carry one of the twins in the ergo carrier and the other one in the stroller and walk up to the school in an area where I had to basically walk completely up hill. I couldn't make it. As if it wasn't bad enough that my muscles were burning like crazy.... My asthma kicked in and I couldn't breathe. I had to turn around and walk back down to my house and load up in the car because continuing to walk to the school would have been very dangerous for me and my asthma. And, if anything would happen to me, my babies would be in huge danger.

This week is one of those that started off on a positive note... And considering I had some major challenges... I still feel that it will end in an awesome way.

Wishing all of you an awesome end to your week and a great week next week.

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