Thursday, December 16, 2010

Raspberry Red Hair...

So - I posted on a few days ago that I was coloring my hair to a bright red color.  I contemplated going really bright like Rihanna is currently sporting right now - but decided to tone it down a bit because I still have a bunch of photoshoots to do before the end of the year and didn't want to freak out my clients. :)  I settled on the color Luscious Raspberries by Splat.  I have never used Splat haircolor before, but let me tell you... I LOVE IT.  I picked up this box of hair color from Walgreens (I think I said CVS in my tumblr post - if so, sorry - I totally made a mistake)  It cost just over $10 and in my opinion it was a great deal.  The contents of the box includes everything you need for that all over, drastic color - including bleach to get that pale yellow color that will absorb all of the pink to have a very bright and vibrant look.  The color does stain more than any other color I have used before.  I got a slashed mark on my right forearm and have been scrubbing since and it is still there - so you must be very careful when using this product... vaseline is a must around the hairline, ears, etc.  I didn't use any and luckily I was able to remove the color before it stained. :) yikes.

So here is a picture of my final hair color.  I LOVE IT and will recommend this color to anyone.  I have been a big fan of RAW color that you can find at any Hot Topic Store, but you have to buy the bleach separately and it cost more for just the RAW color then the Splat color with bleach.  I didn't use the bleach on my hair this time because I still had highlights in my hair from my last salon trip.

So - what do you think?

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