Saturday, December 18, 2010

My take on a Lux Addiction Case - I did it all by myself. :)

As promised - here are a few photos of my cell phone case that I made today.

I didn't take any photos of it on my phone because it was still drying.  But - so far so good, it has withstood me dropping it several times... and tugging on it too.  Most of the products I got was from Walmart and the clear case I got from Ebay.  I love crafts and there are always ways to D.I.Y.

If you want to save yourself sticky glued together fingers and the few hours of work... you can purchase a real lux addiction case at  I don't own one - but those I know that do love theirs.  I'm pretty thrifty - so I'll stick to my D.I.Y. one. :)

Have an awesome weekend.

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hi honey .. i would like to get one of each of the pigments samples , are they in jars ?? how much is there, in the sample ? i was wondering are you here in ohio with me or in honalulu , ? miss seeing you and can you get me more info on the cookie lee i would like to sell it , possibly thanks

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