Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Nails - Trendy Colors for this Winter Holiday Season

Painting your nails happens to be one of the biggest accessories a gal could ever do to spice up her look.  With colors straight off the runway to nude colors that are simple and wearable every day - this is a must have to bump up your style and sport a nice clean & funky look.

This Holiday Season - the trendy colors for nail polish are not the same old reds, golds & greens that you are used to seeing...  Magazines and runway models are sporting beautiful, deep & dark purples, plums and burgundy polishes & lacquer.  Add some extra bling by attaching some jewels or a top coat of your favorite glitters.

Here are some photos of my favorite colors.  You can find these at your local beauty supply stores or salons... and some of them you can find at your local drugstore or

The names of the polishes are stated from left to right. ;)

Nubar's Base Coat, Nubar - Purple Glitter, Nubar's Shine Top Coat, 
China Glaze - Side Saddle, China Glaze - VIII

OPI - Phi Phy Pho Plum, China Glaze - Awakening, Sally Hansen - Shining, 
Sally Hansen - Pat on Black, OPI - Significant Other Color, 

China Glaze - Secrets, Avon - Midnight Plum, Avon - Adoring Rose, 
Avon - Golden Twilight, Wet n' Wild - Deep Wine

China Glaze - Short & Sassy, OPI - My Private Jet, OPI - Sahara Sapphire, 
Nubar - Paradise, China Glaze - IDK 80804

China Glaze - IDK 80804, OPI - Designer Series (Original), Sally Hansen - Glossy,
inm "Out the Door" - Unknown color, Nubar - Sexy Red, China Glaze - Drive in

Watch the Videos on the different colors listed above and a few extras. ;)

Part 1

Part 2


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