Friday, November 19, 2010

Plus Sized OOTD - Winter Ready casual wear

I love dressing up in a great skinny jean and a nice soft sweater... though, because I live in Hawaii, it is very difficult to pull it off - even during the winter months.  So - I finally got a break and was able to go ahead & wear my skinny jeans, boots & a sweater.  Watch the video below for more details and I listed all the clothing below.

  • Jeans - Z.Cavaricci Couture - Denim Dark Ab Fab Skinny Jean, purchased from $59.00
  • Sweater - knit sweater in grays and whites purchased from Old Navy on clearance for $14.99
  • Black Tank - purchased from Old Navy for $7.00
  • Black heeled boots - purchased from Avon catalog for $32.99
  • Heart pendant necklace with gem bling - purchased from Jeans Warehouse for $4.99 (you can find the same one at Forever 21 for about $6.00 if you do not have a Jeans Warehouse near you)

Very simple and casual but still a little dressy. ;)

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