Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping Deals...

Holiday Season is now in full swing... and I am so excited to be getting ready for all the fun Shopping for my loved ones, and myself. ;)  To help out all of my fellow readers, youtube viewers and friends... I will be posting Holiday Deals & finds via Twitter.  Be sure to follow me on twitter at: or Facebook at: and stay up to date with all the fun finds for this holiday season.

Get up to 35% cash back on your Holiday Internet Purchases:
Do you love to shop?  Do you want to get up to 35% cash back on all of your purchases?  There are no obligations... simple contact me via email at or via twitter or facebook and let me know if you want to take part.  I will then ask you for your email address... and you will be sent a link where you can sign up.  You will even have the opportunity to be contacted by someone that will walk you through the site for ease of use.  There is absolutely NO obligation to buy, purchase or sign up for anything.  After you sign up to use the web portal that will allow you cash back... you can shop at all of your favorite places and start earning your cash back...  Simple & easy.

Holiday Shopping Discounts & Finds:
Stay up to date by following me on Twitter or "Like" me on Facebook and you will receive discount codes to all of your favorite shopping locations.

Ring in the New Year Contest:
We are looking to expand our followers on our Blog, Youtube, Facebook & Twitter.  To do this... we are enlisting the help of our fellow friends to please forward to your friends our sites for their viewing.  If we make 1000 subscribers on our Youtube Channel, 200 Followers on our Blog, Facebook or Twitter by the end of the Year - we will be hosting a Giveaway.  By signing up as a follower, you are automatically entered into the drawing.  If you have gotten friends to sign up - simply send me an email at with the names of your friends (usernames) and each friend you sign up will be considered an extra entry for you.  Prizes are to be determined...  and will be announced once I have received responses back from my fellow vendors... but if I do not get responses back from them... know that I will make sure that the prizes will be awesome.  I will calculate the amount of followers on January 1st and will announce if the contest will take place or be extended.  Stay tuned and watch my vids on youtube or follow us on twitter & facebook to see a list of prizes as they become available. ;)

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