Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 3 - Blog Challenge, What is your idea of the perfect night out - details, details, details.

Day 3 - What is your idea of the perfect night out - details, details, details.

Hmmm... I have to say - that the perfect night out consists of my husband and I actually being together and being able to spend time with one another without interruption. It seems like those times are becoming a rare commodity and our schedules and family lives just do not allow for it.

Once that very important detail is worked out... and I am able to have a "date night" with my hubby - then here is what I think would be perfect.

Just before sunset... we would arrive at a beautiful beach or park where we could watch the sun set over the horizon. While we are watching, we can either stroll along the beach or hold one another as we watch God paint the skies with beautiful bold and romantic colors. As we say good bye to the sun and hello to the moon, we would walk hand in hand to the car and drive away to our next destination... dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Dinner would commence with light talking and reminiscing of our days events. We would enjoy our favorite foods and have a few cocktails. After a wonderful dinner - we would commence on our journey home. My husband and I's travels and car rides always consist of talking story about our days and how far we have come. We enjoy this time. ;-)

When we arrive at home, the children will be sound asleep (though I must admit - this never happens) and we end our night with some cuddling time and pillow talk. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. ;-)


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