Thursday, October 21, 2010

Because You deserve to be loved, just the way you are...

It seems like everywhere I go - someone asks me... how is it that after 13 years, you and Kevin (my hubby) are still going strong? Or - many will comment on how cute we are together...

It takes two people to make a relationship grow and thrive and first & foremost - communication is the key to a successful relationship. But, in my experience... there is so much more... and Bruno Mars completely captured it in his song - "Just the Way You Are".

If you have a guy or gal in your life... this song really explains it all. Does he/she express to you how beautiful you are.... Everyday? Everyone wants to know that they are beautiful in their loved ones eyes' - without judgement.

A true love - a soul mate, will love you exactly the way you are... and will love everything about you. If a man (or woman, for my male readers) tells you that you need to alter your appearance, I think that you as a person must do a lot of soul searching to see if this is what you really want in a relationship. You don't need plastic surgery, there is nothing wrong with a little junk in your trunk and you certainly don't have to run a marathon. Love yourself and if he loves you - he will love you just the way you are.

~ I love you my hunny Kevin ~

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