Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moving my blog to my website -

Hey everyone. ;) I am just updating my blog briefly to let everyone know that I am not going to be posting on this blog any longer.  I have been blogging here for over a year and have used up my allotted usage on Picasa/Google for image uploads in my posts.  Because of this - I won't be able to upload any more photos - junk :( 

I am keeping this blog open and will still be logging in to follow up with all my favorite Bloggers and their posts - but will not be posting anything here any longer.  Please come and hang out with me on my website - where I will now be utilizing the Interface on my website.  It is an easy interface and I will be working on actually allowing for sign up of RSS I guess. Would love to keep up with all of you still - so I will also be working on switching my Networked Blogs to my website address.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been following me here and commenting, keeping up to date and your suggestions.  I truly am thankful.  Again - I'm leaving all of my posts up for further reference.  I will not close this account.

Head on over to and check out my blog there. ;)

Thanks so much!

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