Saturday, December 10, 2011

The best Christmas gifts ever...

I absolutely love the Holiday Season... Christmas is my favorite Holiday and next comes Valentine's Day. ;) I consider myself very fortunate to have parents that instilled great values in me... values that remind me that Christmas is a time for giving... not for what you are receiving. Growing up - though I was not a privileged child... my parents always made sure that they provided us with something special, even if it was just a box of chocolates... or a last minute bowling ball set. lol Those memories are reminders that these times are for family and for love.

I do my best to teach my children these ways so that they cherish each moment everyday and during the Holidays and am so thankful that I have such awesome children.  My little ones are too small to understand yet, but I know my eldest will keep our thoughts and traditions alive and teach his younger brothers the true meaning of Christmas.

Here is what Christmas means to me...

My Husband... who even after 14 years, still looks at me like I am the person he fell in love with at first sight.  Who knows me inside and out... who knows what drives me, what saddens me... my strengths, my weaknesses, my happy thoughts. The man who is my Everything and my one and only BEST FRIEND!  Though I know and others may too - that I am not a perfect woman, whether physical or emotional... but My Husband treats me like I am the most perfect person in the World.  I LOVE YOU KEVIN!

My Children... When I say that I truly struggled through each pregnancy of my children - those are not burdens, but triumphs to me... because - I have 3 very beautiful and handsome boys.  My eldest loves unconditionally and has manners and respects others in such displays of affection that many adults haven't even done once in their lifetime.  He gives from his heart, always taking the time to make sure that everyone around him has for them, even if he has to go without.  Who is my biggest helper and best buddy.  I LOVE YOU KA'EO!  My Twins, who though are so young and do not quite understand... they offer me comfort when times are so tough.  Their smiles melt our hearts and provide me with a brighter outlook on life.  A child's innocence is priceless... and I'm lucky to have 3. <3

So - Christmas to me... is more than just presents or gifts... candy or food, it's a time where I get to thank our Heavenly Father for bringing me the best Family in the Whole World. I must admit - that's the best Christmas Present Ever... absolutely PRICELESS!


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