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A Parents' Companion - The Ergo Baby Carrier

This blog post is way overdue... I just never had the chance to get around to it - I know, Major Fail! ;)  Excuse how I look in some of these photos... I was going through my blond phase (remember... when my hair was red and I bleached it. lol) Well, I digress. ;)  Anyhoo, I am proud to be writing about this company... Ergo.  Not only is the product worth every penny - it is also developed by a Family here on Maui (where I am born & raised) and their base office is actually right up the road from where I live.  This company is Family Owned and Operated and is one of the best quality, most innovative babywearing products on the market.  The Ergo was developed and created by the owner - Karin Frost, a mother who when she had her son in 2001 created this carrier for him.  This carrier is now World Famous and it's customers expand all over the Globe.  I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to try and use one and let me tell you, I LOVE IT!

The Ergo comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit each mothers' and fathers' fashion needs as well as comfort and daily use.  I opted in for a basic black and Camel colored Ergo - because, let's face it... I am pretty simple in that area and I wasn't looking for anything to really attract attention.  Having used the traditional Carriers (like my husband is using in the picture above) - I found them to be uncomfortable and sometimes really uneasy on my back.  I have even owned the Moby Wrap - mainly because it allowed me to carry the twins together - giving them cuddle time with their mommy.  After going through several different ones, I decided to go forward and purchase the Ergo.  It was pretty costly - like most things out there, you pay for what you get... and in my opinion - the standard Ergo that retails for about $115 is well worth it.  I paid $40 for my Moby Wrap and I stopped using it after the twins reached a certain weight and I've paid $20-40 on the traditional baby carriers that now sit and are not being made use of either.

My Ergo accompanied us all the way to Washington DC to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.  In the photo above we are in front of the White House and the Photograph below - we are standing on the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave & Executive Park (a street that is no longer open to traffic).  Though it may be difficult to see - I am holding Luke in the Ergo in both photos.

The durability of this product is awesome.  I am very brutal with anything I own - ask my handbags... lol.  I've owned this Ergo for almost a year and with twins - I have shuttled them back and forth all over the island and across our Nation in this very versatile carrier.  It's easy to clean and I have been able to pack it along with me where ever we go.  My husband has one complaint and that is that he cannot carry my sons in the front facing position.  The boys truly enjoy seeing where they are going and they tend to give their daddy a hard time when he is carrying them in it.  I normally don't have a problem with it - but my hubby prefers using the traditional carriers.

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Some of the features that I love about this product:

You can purchase a waist extention,  Though I am planning and working on losing my waist and hips - this option has been a life saver.  It allows me to wear the Ergo comfortably without jeopardizing the safety of any of my children that are in it.

There is a pocket that is located on the child's backside (on the outside of the carrier).  This may look like a little pocket, but while in DC - I was able to fit 4 diapers and a small package of wipes.

The buckles are tested and made of a really great quality material.  I feel secure and my child is safe so long as the buckles are in place correctly.

I have owned this Ergo for almost a year and have not experienced and threads falling out, pulling out or rips... and again - I am very brutal with my things.

The sleeping hood has come in handy when my children fall asleep.  Just place it over their head and they are covered from the sun and will take a nice nap very peacefully.

If I had to recommend this product, I would do it without hesitation.  It is comfortable (as I stated) and considering all the benefits - it is well worth the price.  

So - Why should you choose Ergo?  What is so good about it?
The Carrier has an ergonomic design that supports the correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine growth. Yes, it's not just for mommy & daddy's comfort.  It disperses most of baby's weight between the hips and thighs, which helps to eliminate compression of the spine when hanging on the crotch - which most designs require.  

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Okay - so that covered the Baby's Pros - what are Mommy & Daddy's?
The Ergo also balances the baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders, which alleviates physical stress for the parent.  Don't believe me?  Well, let me tell you... I have hiked with my 30 lb. twins (one at a time of course) and have even walked long distances with them.  I even took on Washington DC with this thing and the only thing that was exhausted was my lungs... lol - my back was not sore or in pain.

I also love the fact that you can switch this carrier from the front carrying position to the back.  This is great for hands-free mobility - especially when grocery shopping.  I have a huge gripe with grocery stores, because I struggle taking my twins shopping - most stores do not have "double" grocery cart seats for little ones.  Grocery shopping is ALWAYS a harder task for me than most.  With my ergo - I am able to strap one child on my back and push the other in the cart.  I am not worried about crushing my little one in the carrier because they do not need to be in the front carrier position at all times.  I will admit that getting them on my back is still a little more of a challenge for me even with all the practice... and it takes me an extra minute or two... but still, the convenience is there.

My Cons...
There really isn't any negatives or cons I have with this with the exception that I wish there was a way to still design it with all its benefits but still allow the baby to sit in the front facing position... my hubby would love that.  I also wish that the belt extender came in a little larger size.  Though it seems to fit me okay, if I have someone else help with the children - who happens to be bigger than me, sometimes - it is not possible for them to use the carrier.  And as a mother of twins - I would love to see something that will allow me to tend to both children.  Carrying two 30 lb babies obviously is not feasible... but maybe Ergo could come up with an option where they have leash attachments or leash baby pack attachments that would match the carrier itself.  My biggest Con is probably that I only have one.  I would love to have 2 so that my husband and I can carry our children the same comfortable way.  I know that he is not fond of them because of the rear facing position of the baby, but I know it is something that he will surely overcome and it would really help him with his chronic back pain if he was carrying one of my twins comfortably.  My twins are going to be 2 on Thursday, so I hope I can save up some money and buy another one real soon.

So - do you want to try one out yourself?  Visit to purchase your own and to view the various styles and fashions available.  I promise, you will surely be happy with your decision of purchasing it.  Visit an Ergo retailer or to view their return policy.

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