Monday, September 26, 2011

Good ol' Comfort Food for the Soul and a whole lot of awesome memories ;)

I haven't been feeling the greatest the last 24 hours.  I think the lack of sleep and the kids running me ragged and up making jewelry and other things has really taken its toll - so my body is really starting to feel it.  I asked my husband to make saimin for dinner tonight - otherwise known as Ramen.  He made it exactly as I love to eat it... with Ramen Noodles, Portuguese Sausage and Eggs with a sprinkle of tabasco.  

I get asked many times - "why do you eat your saimin like that?"  Honestly, it's a habit from childhood and now I can't eat any type of saimin/ramen without portuguese sausage in it... unless it's Wonton Mein - then that's different. ;)  As a kid - I spent many of my summer, winter and spring breaks on Oahu with my Grandma (R.I.P. Grandma) and on Oahu - there are so many options to eat such a simple meal.  My grandma took me to a small mom and pop restaurant that sold all the old school Hawaii Favorites, Loco Moco, Hamburger Steak and many others - including Saimin.  At this local restaurant you could choose any topping for your Ramen noodles, anything from fish cake, charsiu pork or chicken, veggies, teriyaki beef and many many more... including portuguese sausage.  I asked for that since it was something I was so used to eating... and I loved it - I was hooked.  Growing up - my Grandma (same one) would make Saimin and always mixed eggs inside of the broth and it cooked together... so Saimin with Portuguese Sausage and Eggs have been my favorite and one of my best childhood memories.  

Now - my husband has taken over the tradition.  Even though he had to work Graveyard shift tonight (he's working as I type this) and already made us his famous grill cheese sandwiches - he made dinner tonight to help make me feel better.  Aww... I love him.  And, there is no one else in this world that can make it like my Grandma - besides my husband. ;) Great memories and a little bit of comfort helps to make me feel so much better.  I love you babe!


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