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Luminess Air - Product Review, Tutorial and some Info

Product Review:  Luminess Air

So - I had the opportunity of trying out a product which was sent to me for consideration and review by Luminess Air.  Needless to say - I was so excited when I found out that they wanted me to try their product and do a review.  After receiving the package... I took a day or two to completely read through all of the information and to watch the DVD that came along with the package.  All of the info provided was very easy to read, understand and was not boring in my opinion - which made a whole lot of difference to me.  "Who wants to spend hours reading something boring, right?"

After testing out the product on myself a couple of times and then on someone else... I realized that it definitely does take practice.  I actually did really well on the other person, but I am still mastering the craft on myself. ;) Practice makes perfect - right?

All in all - I am really pleased with the product.  Having Freelanced for a few years - I was very impressed with how flawless my skin looked even if I wasn't doing it correctly.  Not to mention - it did cover my acne scars and the redness from pimples that are beginning to form.  Cleaning the unit/system is actually really easy - considering I have spent tireless and endless hours cleaning my brushes after my regular makeup applications.

Here are a few things that stood out to me:
I really really do enjoy the hot pink system and their brand new stylus.  I wish they made it in purple - as that is my favorite color.  All aesthetics aside - I really enjoy using the product, the coverage it has, the staying power and the fact that I do not need to use so much foundation to cover all of my flaws.

A few downfalls in my book:
I wish that each unit automatically came with a clutch to hold the system and keep it safe.  I keep mine in it's box - but if I wanted to take it on the field - as I will be soon, I have to pack everything in the box and carry it that way. I like things to be together so that I only have to look in one place.

I was not very happy with the Primer/Moisturizer.  I know that it is water based, but it seemed to break me out after using it a few times.  It also gave me a really white cast after I applied the foundation.  Without the primer - the foundation blended flawlessly with my skin tone.

And, another - though I still need practice, I think that it would be awesome if they could have a special attachment that you would use for applying eyeshadow.  Something that will keep the eyeshadow from being so heavy even with a light hand. I am still perfecting this - but I wish there was a nozzle of some sort that would help in that department.

I mention all of the specs for this particular unit in my video (which is in this post) but I also wanted to touch base on something.  After posting my video - I got a numerous amount of questions regarding the unit and whether or not it is worth the cost.  Here is my honest take on this:

I honestly think that it is worth the price, especially if you apply makeup often to yourself or if you are a Freelance Makeup Artist.  If you are just a beginner or use makeup here and there... I would say it is something you would definitely want as a part of your cosmetic arsenal - but don't go rushing out to get one just because everyone else has it.  I will tell you, however... that like all makeup tools (brushes, etc.) - it is an investment, and one definitely worth looking into.  If you were to go out to pick up a MAC brush for Foundation - one of my favorites being the MAC 187 - that brush is well over $40.  You are not just paying for quality but you are also paying for the brand name.  You are investing in your Makeup Future.  The same goes for this machine...  after purchasing a few MAC brushes - you would have certainly saved up for a Luminess Air machine.  Ultimately - it is up to you.  I have had my eyes on one of these since I first heard about it about 2 years ago and even if I was not sent one by Luminess Air - it is an investment I was definitely saving up for.

Here is my video Review as well as the Tutorial on how to use the machine.  Keep in mind that I am still perfecting the use of this and there are still areas that may have the look of uneven coverage, not because of the machine - but because I am still learning how to control it. Practice makes perfect.  ;) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you again Luminess Air for sending me this awesome product to review. I love it. ;)  
Please visit Luminessair.com to see all of their products in their line as well as how to purchase.

The products displayed and discussed were sent to me by LuminessAir.com for consideration and review.  I have not been paid or compensated to provide this review.  This review is my 100% opinion and all my own. All images regarding Luminess Air from this post were used from luminessair.com 

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