Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoe Pick of the Week - Hotness!

Hey Dolls,
So - as you all know, I have a MAJOR addiction to shoes & handbags... I know, who doesn't now a days.  My addiction use to be so terrible - that I had  piles and piles of shoes and handbags EVERYWHERE.   After being laid off of my job 3 years ago - I have had to cut down on my spending and of course, that meant a decrease in the number of shoes and handbags that I had.  I gave some away - sold some for a pretty penny and was left with a mini collection.  But - needless to say...  Steve Madden, Nine West, Candies and many many more have definitely been in the back of my mind.

So - I have been slowly building up this collection of mine once again... it will take me a while because the cheddar I was bringing in back then, I no longer do... so I have to splurge a little by little at a time.  But -needless to say - it is growing.

With that said - I thought I showcase some of the shoes that I think are absolutely gorgeous... either they are currently in my closet or on my wish list - either way, who can resist. ;)

This weeks pick is awesome and I can't wait to sport these babies around.  They were my splurge this week since I lost 7.3lbs of weight off of my body with diet and exercise.  I am very proud of myself and this is my treat. ;)  I'll be sure to post actual pictures once they arrive.

Want to know where I get some of my awesome shoes?  Click on the Link and sign up - it's free to join and you choose what you want ;) I promise, you will love it! 


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